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A bit of stuff that you all may want to know about Legends of Farwick.

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Hello everyone. My name is William, but you can call me "The William Mendez". Today, I am proud to announce the Legends of Farwick series.

The series will start off with the events of the War of Dragons, then the events of the Civil War Period. If the War of Dragons makes enough profit, I will start the development of The Civil War Period. I have no other plans after the Civil War Period, but I do think that it will happen only a few months after The Civil War Period. I will give you all some pieces of The War of Dragons right now, so you can get a feeling for the game.

There will be several features I will talk about -

- Trading

- Your Personal Army and Units

- Field of Battle

- Custom Weapons

Trading is a great way to get more gold at once. While yes, it's more time consuming compared to skirmishes, not to mention there is less XP for your troops to gain,troops will be explained later, you can get far more gold. It does have some obvious cons.

Pros -

- More money to gain at once

- You don't lose troops as long as they don't engage in battle or they are hired mercenaries

- You can get rare items that can be used for custom weapons (More explained later)

Cons -

- Not in your control unless you have a commander in charge

- Vulnerable to bandits and enemy armies

- Takes some time to reach destination

Now, you can trade as much stuff as you want, but just remember, you need to buy all the goods you want and they must be in stock.

You can send people to smuggle in goods into enemy cities, however once more, you will have no control of any battles they get into when trading in the city or out and about unless you put a commander in charge.

Onto your personal army, you can recruit as many units you wish to recruit, however, they cost money to buy, and cost more as they can reach higher max stats. There are several units you can get -






Weapons Master

These people can wield swords, lances, bows, crossbows, axes and more, depending on which class you chose. You can train these troops if you buy a drill sergeant, but these people cost money as well. The more experienced, the more expensive they are, but the more XP units can get.

Units have the following stats

Defense - The amount of damage that is reduced

Strength - The amount of damage that is dealt

Weapon Level - The current rank of weapon a unit can hold

Bonus Damage - The extra amount of damage a wielder can deal to certain targets

Extra Damage - The extra amount of damage a sword can deal to all units

Creators Blessing - Removes bonus damage from weapons that weren't built with it.

These will possibly be the only stats that will be added, however, there can be changes.

The battlefield is inspired by Total War's Live Combat system. Both you and the enemy will fight without turns. You also have commanders, which can also be recruited along with other units, however they are different -

- Commanders have unique names and faces, but don't play anything into the story mode

- Commanders are the only units that have access to the Nobility Class from the Infantry Class

- Commanders will automatically have an "A" in Sword Skill due to being officers

- Commanders are also VERY expensive, 5k gold for each commander

Commanders are very important if you want to make your army flexible, as having all of your army under one commander would make your army very inflexible and easy to flank, not to mention there's no back up units.

Lastly, there's custom weapons. Making custom weapons is still not finished yet, but i'll tell you all this -

- They require your own materials that you can get from trade

- You can choose the materials of blades and grips.

- If you aren't using dragon's fang (Which automatically have bonus damage against dragons), you can add in bonus damage with Dragon's Curse.

- You can add another bonus damage potion, Beast's Predator, to make blades have bonus damage against beast units such as Cavalry

- Lastly, you can add Heavy Blade to swords. You can add 5 heavy blades to do 5 extra damage.

That's all for custom weapons.

Legends of Farwick - The War of Dragons will be a high quality game, with high graphics and great game play. While it's far from done, with your support, as in supportive comments, Legends of Farwick will be done faster.

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