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In which a combatant is worked on; a combat animation no longer runs faster the higher the frame-rate; the translation minigame is made a bit more readable (I hope); the translation minigame is given fonts where they were missing; and a variety of fixes, tweaks, etc. are made.

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Greetings and salutations!

This week's screenshot shows the enemy mentioned in last week's blog post, now active in combat!

Screenshot from 2020 02 09 02 32

The work of the week just past was a mixture of enemy-work, bug-fixing, and miscellaneous tweaks:

To start with, the enemy shown above. As you may gather, work continued on this character in the week just past; in all of animation, level-logic, implementation as an enemy, and even a few model-tweaks. Now the character can be encountered in a simple prototype of their level, in which they "notice" the player and charge at them--eliciting a vain and cut-short reaction from out protagonist. On reaching the player, combat starts.

Screenshot from 2020 02 09 02 28

As a combatant, they're perhaps notable in that--as things are currently planned--they're the first opponent after the prologue-enemy that has all of the player's capabilities: all of the three basic attacks and defences.

But they also have their own tricks--in particular a pair of feints, intended to prompt an ineffective parry from the player and leave them open to the real attack that follows.

Speaking of combat, I fixed a bug that has been present for a little while, but that I only recently looked into properly:

You know how some video games omit the use of delta-time in certain calculations, and thus end up with elements that go faster the higher the frame-rate?

Well, it turns out that I had accidentally implemented more or less the opposite: a certain animation in the combat mechanic played faster the lower the frame-rate!

Specifically, I was including delta-time in a calculation that was used--amongst other things--to determine the speed at which said animation played. Since a lower frame-rate has a higher delta-time, lower frame-rates were resulting in higher animation speeds! ^^;

This is, I do believe, fixed now!

Continuing with the fixing of oversights:

It was pointed out to me recently that the word-roots in the translation minigame, lacking serifs, could be a little ambiguous--things like "Ul" resembling "UI".

That in itself was easy to fix--I just set all of the text to be upper-case.

However, it led to my discovering that I'd apparently omitted fonts from the word-root buttons--root and translation alike! They were presumably rendering with default system fonts. Oops. ^^;

Again, this should be fixed now!

Screenshot from 2020 02 10 17 31

And otherwise, I made quite a few fixes, tweaks, and changes that don't seem worth detailing here: I enabled looking around while climbing; I fixed a single door that appeared closed on reload, even when really open; I got carriables to correctly restore their positions on reload; and more besides!

That then is all for this week--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^

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