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This is our 1st article on IndieDB containing the 1st episode of the animated prequel comic for the upcoming dark, storydriven and highly movie-inspired low-res-2D Action-platformer/Beat-em-up "Delusional". Also, we would like to provide some insight into our development process. Please enjoy and follow us on Twitter (@dlsnl_game).

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Hi Guys,

this is our first article on IndieDB and we are excited to be part of such a great and helpful community. In this article I would love to ... well ... I really don't know where to start ... hm, how about throwing in terms like "storydriven" ... oh crap, already did that in the summary above.

Ok, think think think. Come up with something funny but informative so you can get featured on the frontpage. How about sucking up to the community? Oh ... did that in the first sentence. Smart move btw.

Ok, ok, I will just start by introducing our team. We're 5 Guys (4 from the US, 1 based in Germany) who are in the early stages of developing the first stage of the above mentioned game going by the name of "Delusional" for Windwos, Linux and Mac. Our goal is it to present a good first impression to the public so we can get greenlit on Steam and maybe be funded trough a Kickstarter Campaign to spend money on coke and hoo ... uhm on the development of the next stages.

So, there is Ken, an experienced Unity developer who is playing Fallout4/CoD BlOps3/Star Wars BF/Halo/Forza 6 all at the same time whilst coding as you can see below.

Screenshot 301

There is Josh, who just became a dad a few days ago but is working like hell on those character sprites.

There is Will, waiting on Josh to work like hell on those character sprites to provide nice SFX for the animations.

There is Sean, chilling with his family and working on some badass concept art for the campaign pages.

And there is me. In case you didn't notice, I am the one living in Germany hence the horrible grammar and bad sense of humour. I am kind of the game director / author / designer of "Delusional", but not really. I just sit here and let the the other guys work to get all the credit afterwards.

So it would be very cool if you could help us to spread the word and build a nice little following. We will provide gameplay videos, more info and screenshots and some nice concept art and music in the second article very soon (you gotta hype it up, dude) and they are going to be THE BEST EVER. So follow us on Twitter (@dlsnl_game) where you can find a lot more concepts, screenshots, and deep poems as well and oh, there is an animated prequel comic down there, so check it out!

Here are some random words: Ninja, kale, lightsaber, lamp.

Sincerly yours

Delusional dev team


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