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Angels & Demons: Demo #3 is here! Featuring: 2 Worlds, 2 playable characters, 34 unique enemies, dialog for nearly every room, Boss Rush, 12 Rhythm game songs, each with four difficulties, around 4-5 hours of total game play, and more!

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The Spiritual Barrier has been broken!

It's up to you, and your guardian angel Yui to fix it!

Travel the world and fight off demons from The Seven Deadly Sins in a quest to find The Seven Runes of Virtue!

Can you fix The Barrier and restore order to The Living Realm?

The player and Yui, inside The Heavenly Cathedral!


Angels & Demons is a Platformer/RPG with a hint of rhythm game added in!

  • Make use of fluid platforming movement and abilities to traverse the world!
  • Enter reactive turn-based battles and attack enemies by jumping, melee attacks, or multi-step special attacks! You can keep yourself safe from attacks by dodging, defending, or free-styling!
  • You can even play a mania-based rhythm game! Each world has a music track exclusively for this mini game, and every battle theme as well! Each track features four difficulties, so players who are new to rhythm games, and those who are experts already can equally experience a challenge!

The Player and Yui in a turn-based battle!

Demo Contents:

  • Two full worlds! Explore The Dust'E'Rock Desert, and The Kingdoms of Cardenaria
  • 34 different enemies to fight, each with their own unique attacks!
  • Unique dialog for nearly every room! (At least 125 unique interactions!)
  • Two playable characters! (You can now play as Yui!)
  • Attacks now have a type! Fire, Electric, Angelic, Demonic, and more!
  • Status Effects! You can be poisoned, on fire, dizzy, drenched, or stunned!
  • Boss Rush featuring X versions of existing bosses!
  • 9 Different achievements!
  • 12 Different rhythm game songs, each with 4 difficulties!
  • Mods for the rhythm game! Night-core, day-core, autoplay, and no-fail!
  • Built-in Sound Test mode! Listen to over 50 different tracks!
  • Around 4-5 hours of playtime if you aim for 100% completion!

The player in the rhythm game!

Download, Steam, Discord, and more:

You can download Angels & Demons: Demo #3 right here on IndieDB!

If you use Steam, you can add the game to your wishlist here!

Finally if you're interested in seeing development updates, teaser images/videos, and more—be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, or you can join the offical discord server!

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