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Here is a first video of our Prototype C. There is added physics and bounce logics, the graphics - aaaaaand the basic concept of stacked bricks. Sweet :)

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we just need to add a tiny handful of things, for example:
- Improve the bounce logic, so that the ball follows the algorithm "from the center of the pad = angle of rebound" exponentially rather than linearly (to improve aiming), and decide whether the rebound from the pad will follow the distorted perspective of the playing area, or whether it will instead be de-skewed. Lots of coding terms that Daniele loves to confuse Fabian with, btw :D
- Add the wonderful music and the wonderful sounds that are still hidden in the mind of Luigi (since we have not been able to give him something definitive).
- Implement all new bricks that will allow us to recreate the real environments (city, mountain, etc.)
- Adding bonuses, scores, and so wonderful mortality (incase you fail miserably)


The art style is incredibly clever and clean, but that bounce noise gets old quickly. Maybe add a pop or crush noise for the blocks and a click or tap sound for the player return. Please finish this game, the shading looks really neat.

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Curse this log-in system. The Guest comment above was from me.

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FabianSmith Author

Hey doppler, totally agree about the bounce sounds. Game will be finished definitely, at least for the initial release on january 5th, when the contest ends !
We'll see if we can keep the momentum up. I'm sure you know what the motivation curve of an average indiedev looks like :D

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