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First news post for upcoming game darling Talking about whatever to keep you interested.

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Wheeeeewwww. That's the noise I make when I turn my head away from my monitors only to realize that it's now December and I've spent the last 5 and a half hours sitting on my arse building a texture library... one by friggen one (don't mind me, I love it. honest). So here it is, the first news post for my game Darling. I'll keep this one brief, as I have nearly one fan(s) right now (lol, zero!) and I want to draw you in with tacky font and short, easy to read articles!


So here's where I'm at.
-1%. Which is good considering I started somewhere around -37% or something. The learning curve has been tedious for me considering most of my time is spent at work or with the Ms., but for the last 3 months of my life (More like 2 years, but actively speaking around 3 months) the bulk of my free time (which is small to say the least) has been spent brainstorming, writing, rewriting, gathering knowledge, applying it, etc so that now I feel as if I can really buckle down and get to work on fulfilling one of my longest childhood dreams; ever since I picked up Silent Hill for PS1 and played through it with my blankets over my head and an ear-to-ear grin on my face.*

*(note, while reading an indie-gamers profile which states his upcoming game is of the horror genre AND he's a fan of Silent Hill is comparable to reading a 15 year old boys purevolume page and finding out his influences are Green Day and Blink 182, I promise you I will NOT rip off Silent Hill in any way. Let's move on.)

So, What Is Darling? In the upcoming months I will release more and more about the game but for now I'm keeping most of it a secret as I assume that fans of true, well paced, atmospheric horror will find this game to their liking. And to be honest, I want to make sure that the story is completely and thoroughly well written before I go talking about it and then (inevitable) having to changing things.

What's more terrifying than well paced, atmospheric hoodily doo? Poorly lit SSAO bumpmaps!
Here's a picture of some texturing progress!

Much love, Darling!

oh lawd

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