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Ancient Squadron page is now live. The community can now follow game content update footage here.

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The game is a 3rd/1st person flight combat game. Filled with missions and a play through storyline. Players will learn more about Ancient Rings while playing Ancient Squadron.Players will be able to fly several different type of ships. Each ship will have a main weapon plus a special ability. Things like the X302 being able to jump into hyper space and the puddle jumper cloaking.

Finishing setting up ships for Ancient Squadron. Here is a look into the Furling Fighter abilities. Short range iron blast and a long range Iron beam for its special ability. The Furling Fighter is actually a predecessor of the Furling Arch Glider which you will get to see here soon. This ship was built specially for fighting the Goa'uld and it implements Asgard Neutrino Iron technology. Keep in mind this is just a test environment.

Here is a look in the X302's Hyper Space. Keep in mind the X302 will only be able to do this 2 or 3 times right after another before waiting for power to recharge. I'm still not totally happy with the sound for the hyper space window opening and coming out of hyper space and there is some other polishing to do on the visual effect. Probably add a little electrical charge sound with it. That should boost it a bit. Here you can see that you can open up Hyper Space pretty much any time you want even right before you hit a side of a mountain (Not really shown in this video). Also you will notice that I decided to have the center thruster come on when the ship shoots into the hyper space window. Looks cooler in my opinion. We will just use the logic of the ship uses it to hit the window faster. This is probably important anyways since the X302 needs a window to be open as little of time as possible.

Death Glider
Most likely the most advance fighter in the galaxy. Mainly for its inertial propulsion system which negates the effect of inertia on the craft. This is also the fastest ship in Ancient Squadron. Its special ability is to hit remarkable speeds.

Death Glider

Puddle Jumper
Discovered buried in a underground Ancient Complex. The Furlings have been unable to reengineer or even power up this technological wonder. Hopefully some light will be shed on the mysteries this ship holds.

Puddle Jumper

Asgard Cruiser
Primary built to assist the Furlings in planetary defense. This massive ship is most feared in the skies of any planet. Equipped with 4 array guns and the ability to transfer weapons to shields to resist even the most strongest weapons in the Galaxy. All of that makes this ship an admiral of the skies that you don't want to trade punches with.

Asgard Cruiser

Definitely may not appear to be the most advance fighter in the galaxy. It has 3 different type of engines and one is used for hyper space. The Furling's re-engineer the X302 when scanning the mind of the soldier from the future to be used in special missions that required the X302's hyperspace abilities. Don't let its low tech appearance fool you. The X302 can jump into hyper space in the atmosphere and if that doesn't challenge you when dog fighting with this craft then maybe its heat sinking stinger missiles will.

Equipped with a twin staff cannon
Goa'uld Cargo Ship

Furling Fighter
Furling Fighter

Furling Bomber
Furling Bomber

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