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A new version is available with lots of cool gameplay changes

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A new version with lots of new gameplay changes is available!

This version is still missing the unique active skills per class. I have also been thinking on some other facets I will be working on for the 2.0 version:

Adding more items

The lack of graphics for the detailed views of all items has prevent me from adding all of them. I have decided I won't let that stop me, so for the items for which I don't have a zoomed graphic, I'll just use the normal "paperdoll" graphic. It may be won't look very professional at first, but in time I might get the resources to add these missing graphics.

Having said that, the new items would be:

  • Armor and Clothing: These are super important for both the user experience and to allow more variations in combat.
  • Weapons: Yes, I have a lot of new different weapons I'd like to add. (Including claws. whips and giant hammers.)
  • Shields: I'll add them as items you can pick up and wear, some classes will be able to use them more effectively.
  • Boots and Gloves: Maybe, I'm still not sure if they can add enough to the gameplay (without me having to implement lots of changes to support them).


I have been thinking on adding a bit more to the plot / story. Still haven't thought on the details. I've made up some sparse bits of lore, so may be I can use that as a starting point for the world. As for the player experience inside the game, I may include some recurring characters with semi-random events. Again, still haven't thought it out.

Much better support for Keyboard

The game is clearly not meant to be played using the keyboard now. There's a rudimentary support for movement but it's pretty slow. Also, there are no keyboard shortcuts neither support for the menus or inventory. (Don't worry, all keyboard shortcuts will be optional and there won't be many)

Some other small but important things

  • Allow sneaking past enemies if you are stealthy: Monsters won't always notice you when you step into the room.
  • Allow changing tactics (Defensive / Balanced / Offensive / Berserk)
  • Shareable character dead page including conducts
  • Enhance the crafting system


In other news, I've been working with my sister in some art-related stuff, mainly in the production of the Dumeril Sage statue along with Gio.ram, the sculptor (I'm thinking on carrying some of them to the U.S. on a trip next week, so if you want them this may be your chance :)). But she's also done a bit of work on redesigning the logo.

I still gotta do the pixel art version of it, but I really like it.

I have also been talking with someone who may work in the translation to Russian, that may open the gates for translations to other languages.. let's see how it goes!

Not completely Ananias related, but I just did an interview for "elbinario", where I talk a bit about roguelikes and the history of roguetemple and roguebasin. It's in Spanish tho so good luck!


Now, let's go back to the new version! it comes with lots of gameplay changes, check it out! Details are below


  • Use Magic Power (separate from Combat skill) to calculate the effects of magic spells and the chance of failing casting them
    • Recover health
    • Repair armor
    • Repair weapons
    • Increase HP
    • Invisibility
    • Summon monsters
    • Elemental attacks
    • Sensorial mapping (all kinds)
  • Add different levels of power for the scrolls (Dim, Plain, Blessed and Ancient)
  • Add heavenly patron to upgrade magic power
  • Allow throwing items at close range
  • Balance starting equipment, add bandages for survival and throwing daggers for more tactical choices.
  • Reduce chance and strength of self attack when confused
  • Only provide Colbi heavenly patron when carrying capacity not maxed out
  • Prevent wands from ever missing if fired by a wand expert
  • Fix issue with humanoid check for monsters, preventing player from scoring critical hits
  • Nerf neck hits on player
  • Tune item generation chances for armor, headgear and scrolls
  • Fix super broken monk unarmed bonus
  • Allow ranged attacks over some small obstacles.
  • Make combat stat reduce evade chance of monsters.
  • Fix issue with skull helm not preventing fear.
  • Reduce parry chance to 10% for enemies.
  • Add back holy power and dark power evolution scrolls.
  • Strengthen weapons and armor by 150%
  • Weaken some enemies specially post level 16
  • Allow recovering from Fear when hit
  • Remove fixed wizard's 1D3 damage, they can now use any weapon!
  • Prevent pet from fleeing from room if covered by player


  • Show name of the item on the HUD when walking over it
  • Add tombstones for the contributors to the latest IndieGoGo campaign
  • Add acid, holy and ice explosions for thrown potions and spells
  • Add big dialog for character info and prompts on Tablets and Desktop
  • Allow showing transparent map on the HUD on phones
  • Show damage roll for attack spell scrolls
  • Enhance double tap to prevent misusing it.
  • Add warning when leaving pet behind.
  • Changes on settings menu, use popup instead
  • Enable sound by default on mobile and web


  • Fix potential issues with interrupted movement tweens when doing quick movement
  • Show hit location before damage
  • Prevent blue blink (paralysis) from stopping before time
  • Change mapping spell descriptions based on limitations
  • Fixes on error management
  • Multiplatform fullscreen support and ignore if unavailable
  • Add "please wait" modal window to be used with online operations
  • Reorder monsters when an enemy steps into the room
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