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Today's date is 3/22/2016, and the article I'm going to post is all about an upcoming game.

All you should know, my game is going to be released before the end of this month and the game is mainly about SCP-682 and Site C of the foundation. Let me tell you a story that will tell you about what is going on.

>Start Computer System
Talk to GateBSiteStaff2341
>Request sent
>Request pending
>Connected to GateBSiteStaff2341
GateBSiteStaff2341: Hello, MTF Unit 1724
MTFUnit1724: Hello GateBSiteStaff2341, I was told to have a meeting with you.
GateBSiteStaff2341: Well, I'm a bit busy, sorry. Recently, I've been assigned to setup things, cause of SCP-173+SCP-079 creating a containment breach for SCP-106, and SCP-939.
MTFUnit1724: I remember that, darn, it was horrible.
MTFUnit1724: Okay, meet me at Gate C
GateBSiteStaff2341: Don't have access to Gate C, only have access to Gate B.
MTFUnit1724: Okay, I'll meet you at Gate B.
>End Chat with GateBSiteStaff2341
Power off
>Shutting down
>Please Wait One Moment
>Off Mode Activated

*later at helicopter*

MTF Unit-1724: I had a long horrible past.
MTF Unit-2717: Oh, really? Tell me about it.
MTF Unit-1724: Okay. I used to be a Class D, I was Class D-9341...And life was horrifying
MTF Unit-2717: Then why didn't you get executed?
MTF Unit-1724: Cause of that SCP-173 and SCP-079, they saved me, but they attacked me also.
MTF Unit-2717: I see. I can't imagine the horror.
MTF Unit-1724: After that, I tried to escape at Gate A.
MTF Unit-2717: But, it's heavy with security.
MTF Unit-1724: I know, but thanks to SCP-079's short alliance, he unlocked the door for me.
MTF Unit-2717: But, then?
MTF Unit-1724: I was captured by The Chaos Insurgency.
MTF Unit-1724: Then, one of the leaders of The Chaos Insurgency told me to capture SCP-080.
MTF Unit-2717: The heck, he is a difficult one to capture!
MTF Unit-1724: But I was assigned to capture him.
MTF Unit-1724: After that, I recontained all the breached SCP's.
MTF Unit-2717: Amazing...
MTF Unit-1724: Then I had a meeting with Chief Franklin. I told him all about my adventure and I was sent to become a MTF unit, and here I am now.
MTF Unit-2717: Cool.
MTF Unit-2717: Okay, let's start this thing.

*roaring, shooting and screaming*

MTF Unit-2717: The engine failed and SCP-682 breached his containment chamber!
MTF Unit-1724: Okay, your a mechanic right?
MTF Unit-2717: Yes!
MTF Unit-1724: Go fix the engine!
MTF Unit-2717: K! *pause for a moment* There's a broken oil tank! There should be a oil tank in Dr. Hank's lab in the Safe Room near SCP-682's containment chamber. Go find parts there, once we get this helicopter fixed, I'm gonna follow you and together, we'll paralyze that lizard!

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