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The player runs into a cloaked enemy while exploring the ship. See what happens in the video inside.

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A lot of folks have been wondering if there is any combat in Syndrome. The answer is yes, there is.
The player’s choices aren’t limited to running or hiding. It might not always be the best option, but there’s always the option of fighting back.

There are melee and long range weapons. Melee won’t work in many situations (hard to fight back against a group of enemies, or against fast creatures), but as long as there is ammo available, the player can always shoot.
Ammo is very scarce and a precious thing to find. The player needs to scavenge the ship, search dead bodies, look inside closets and drawers, etc.
If you need an incentive to explore the ship, this is it :)!

So in this video, we’re showing an encounter with a creature that has a cloaking device.
This is still very much work in progress: there are some sounds missing, props scattered around, etc. Some others are still place holders.

So back to the creature – luckily we are the devs, and we have no problems with ammo :) We’re shooting like crazy until he falls down.

We are still wondering if cloaked enemies should emit sounds (grunts) while cloaked or not. Should they be completely silent? What do you think?

JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,078 comments

I think they should. Otherwise, it would be too hard to spot them.

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DonJaket Author
DonJaket - - 55 comments

Cloaked and silent can be too deadly, yeah :)
Maybe some grunts to warn the player and create more tension.

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