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How does the project started, and in what state it currently is.

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Hello, I'm Simon, the developer behind Souvenirs and I would like to introduce you to Souvenirs.

This project started a year and a half ago as my end of study work in a computer graphics school. During the first two week I create two simple prototype, one of which was the base for Souvenirs : a game where you use the sound (more precisely its visual representation on the screen) to navigate into the world. The prototype turn out to be quite interesting to testers, and I chose to continue with it.

As I'm primarily a programmer and was going to work alone, I went with 2d graphics in a pixel art style to limit the time spent on assets production.


After graduation I continued working on the game to try to finished it and in January 2014 I reached a first milestone : the layout (design) of the game is finished, meaning that the game is playable from beginning to end, but missing graphics, sound design and polish.


That's it for the first news. If you've got questions or feedback let me know in the comments.

You can support the game on Greenlight.

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