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Describing my vision for Reactor 3, what has been accomplished so far, and what to expect in the future.

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My name is Luke Martin (flags), and I have been developing Reactor 3 for the past 10 months.

As written in the description, Reactor 3 is a game about survival in a hostile environment, and is largely inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and a lesser-known roguelike called IVAN: A Violent Road to Death. Much like in IVAN, Reactor 3 (hereafter: R3) features a limb-based damage model, where each individual part of the body is prone to a wide variety of damage, from burns and scrapes to full dismemberment, R3 brings survival to an entirely new level.

AI is also a big part of the game. Each lifeform has its own unique body structure, and its behavior is defined outside of the game's code almost entirely. The AI is fully capable of grouping up and hunting down targets, in addition to accomplishing tasks on their own. Of course, there are a number of personality traits that can cause friction between individuals or entire groups, leading to battles between rivals/groups. Entities also maintain their own interpretation of the world based on past experiences.

When the game is in a more stable form, it will be a modder's paradise. In addition to the AI's behavior being held in an external file, the body structure of each entity is too, meaning you can design your own creatures and insert them into the world.

Unlike other games, R3 features a fairly realistic inventory system where each item obtained must be kept somewhere, either in a backpack or other container (pocket, holster, etc.) This creates somewhat of a metagame where having the right items equipped at the right time can be the dividing line between life and death. Weapon reloading is not automatic and involves filling the magazine/clip before inserting it into the gun. There's no time in combat to take off your backback to equip a weapon.

All of the above has been implemented and is fully playable, but there are many additional things I have planned for the game's future. I would like to potentially be able to simulate the world by months/weeks/years to build entropy, naturally creating long-lasting conflicts between groups of people, in addition to historical figures. This is already possible on a small scale (days,) and would require a more abstracted version of the AI to accomplish on modern PCs.

If you are interested in more technical writing related to R3, feel free to follow my blog.

R3 will be released for free with an option for donations.

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