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After doing the last three playtesting, the game is relatively more polished relative to its early version.

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Key changes from goldspike2 to alpha:

  1. Added a menu system. Note that although the outlook of the menu system is minimally designed, the internal logic of the game flow has been rewritten so that it is generic enough to enable more complex features.
  2. Temporarily turned off special abilities, now players can only dash and throw.
  3. Temporarily turned off the Microwave level.
  4. Added a brief tutorial together with a playground.
  5. Added body turn mechanism. Now players cannot do instant turns.
  6. Improved most animations.
  7. Added a new ability called "dash", which will force you dash forward for a short period time. Note that you will be stunned and the flag you hold will be popped off if you bump into a wall while dashing.
  8. Refine the way that a flag being popped off. Now players have to use their face to bump enemies in order to pop the flag off.
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