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Yes, you can now create 3 (three!) types of potions at the new Apothecary. What's more, you can even use them!

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Last weekend we released a new build (v.12.07.27) with the following features and fixes:

Bug Fixes:
-- Rare permissions issue for saving game data resolved.
-- Equipping a 2H weapon on top of an equipped 2H weapon puts 2 of the former weapon back in the inventory instead of 1 - Fixed
-- During combat, self-targeting spells trigger the "select a target" message - Fixed
New Features:
-- Added usable (restorative and party buff) items
-- Added Apothecary for acquisition of usable items

**Most saves broken with this build**

And a peek at the content, even if it is a little thin on the ground at the moment...

Three is

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, not only did this build fail to fix every pre-existing bug, it introduced at least one of its own. So, today, we bring you a shiney, new, less bug-filled build. We hope.

Bug Fixes:
-- Retiring characters clones the entire party's equipped items even if you don't retire the entire party. - Fixed
-- Replacing a retired character with one of the same name and class transfers the retired character's gate bans to the new character. - Fixed
-- Potions and Charms are no longer elligible for enchanting.
-- Rare CTD during combat found and fixed.

Find it in the "downloads" area.


i am totally tracking this

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