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Second map is on the way, here is some info about the custom story!

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So some stuff about the custom story and gameplay.

The game won't have any tinder boxes, just because in my opinion they're useless. Also , in the game there isn't going to be a lantern provided to the player, because I feel like the lantern makes the environment less scarier.

I don't have a deep story written for this project, it's just quick and simple with a little bit of humor. The reason for that is the fact that i'm the only one working on this project and I'am just doing it for fun when there is free time. But just because I'm doing it for fun doesn't mean it will be trash. No. I'll try my best to make the environment look as good as possible. Thing is I'am VERY bad with billboards, like actual trash.

The first map is basically done, sometimes I load it up to do a few check-ups, but it's finished. Right now I'am working on the second map, and I gotta tell you... it's looking pretty good! At least I'am satisfied with it so far. By the way, I have no idea it will take for me to finish this project.

Anyways, if you have any ideas for puzzles or the story, you can share your thoughts down in the comments!

Thank you, goodbye.

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