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The full changelog of "Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Remastered"

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    Since I've never really posted the full changelog, here it is. I thought some of you guys may find it interesting. There may be some things missing, but it would be an insignificant amount, it's really hard to keep track of everything, mainly because I didn't keep track of anything.
      One last thing. You may or may not know this mod got nominated for the mod of the year. So if you've tried this mod and if you've enjoyed it, go and vote for it on the main page.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Remastered

    And again, thanks to everyone downloading, playing or just in general giving this mod a try. It's been nice seeing the mod getting better and better after the first release and I'm glad I've got the final version out, although not 100% perfect - I'm stil proud of it.
    Now the changelog:
  • Max Auto-Saves amount increased by 400%
  • Field of View increased by 6%
    • max value without issues
  • Hand model smoothness decreased by 46%
    • Daniel's hand "flies" around a lot less
  • "Night vision" distance/radius increased by 400%
    • color changed from blue to grey-ish
    • fade in and fade out times adjusted
      • You can't see as well, but you can see farther in the dark (like in real life)
  • Player looses sanity 60% slower in the dark
    • less punishing for being in the dark
  • Forward and Sideway Acceleration and Deacceleration increased by 87%
    • tighter, more responsive movement
  • Increased the movement speed at which the player can move sideways by 6%
  • Adjusted the hand's bob animation speed and amplitude
  • Jumping from a high place will make Daniel stumble for a split second
  • Enemies do not glow in the darkness anymore
    • I really don't know why this was added in the game in the first place. It's scarier to not always see your enemies, even in complete darkness
  • Used Screen Space Ambient Occulision shaders and Bloom shaders from Machine For Pigs
  • Dissolve texture changed.
    • Less chaotic dissolve animation
  • Overall brightness decreased to prevent highlight clipping
  • Added chromatic aberration to light gobos
  • Changed the way items glow
  • Particle effects (mostly dust and fog) are now affected by the light level
    • up to a 100 of changed particle effects
  • Added a true parallax effect
    • This was found by Deu Sex & sgi on the frictional forum.
      It's also worth noting, that since it's not hardcoded in the game, turning the parallax setting off and on - will get it disabled for good.
  • Faked modern bloom effects using billboards
    • While other games create these halos automatically, in TDD I had to fake them.
  • Following objects are breakable and won't dissapear after being broken:
    • wine01,
    • wine02,
    • barrel01,
    • vase01,
    • vase02,
    • wood_box_small01,
    • wood_box01,
    • wood_box02,
    • wood_box03,
    • ink_bottle,
    • castle,
    • castle_arched,
    • cellar_wood01,
    • mansion, plate,
    • pot_plant_small01,
    • pot_plant_small02,
    • key_jar.
  • Following objects are now dynamic:
    • cloth_pile,
    • burner_tripod,
    • chem_vial01,
    • chem_vial02,
    • chem_vial03,
    • test_tube_rack,
    • clock_grandfather,
    • storage_box_wood01_large
  • Fixed the ragdoll pig ofc
  • Test tubes are now translucent
  • Fixed mipmaps used on the alpha channels for guardian
  • Added:
    • ambient light
    • source light
    • shadow-caster
    • coloured ambient particle (dust)
    • coloured local particle (light dust) to the following objects:
      • altar_lamp,
      • bonfire,
      • bridge_torch,
      • candle_floor (3 variations),
      • candlestick_floor (2 variations),
      • candlestick_tri,
      • candlestick_wall (2 variations),
      • candlestick01,
      • candlestick02,
      • elevator_lamp,
      • chandelier_large,
      • chandelier_nice,
      • chandelier_simple (2 variations),
      • hanging_lantern (4 variations),
      • stairwelder_torch,
      • torch_floor,
      • torch_static01 (4 variations)
      • the player's lantern
  • Added cubemaps to some objects: (not a full list)
    • wine bottles and other glass objects,
    • mirrors,
    • lab shelf,
    • light mansion-base set
  • Restored alpha (transparency) textures on some objects.
  • Remade around 590 normal map textures
  • Remade around 1200 specular map textures
  • Remade around 200 height map textures (a high amount of them are new)
  • Upscaled most of and redone from scratch a few of almost 400 diffuse textures
  • Added new floors and ceilings
  • Added new enemy variations
  • Changed the transparency settings on all windows
  • Added real-time reflections to most of the water materials and windows
  • Water is more reflective looking straight at it rather than at an angle
  • Refraction adjusted on some objects, (hanging lanters, acid machine in laboratory)
  • Changed HUD scaling
  • Sharper crosshair
  • New simple-styled crosshair
  • Clean inventory screen
  • Sharpened UI
  • Sharpened the main loading screen
  • Insanity bugs made convincing
  • Remade low health noise
  • Pre-menu logos updated
  • Menu logo re-designed
  • Original fonts exported at a higher resolution
  • Added back Herbert's diary
  • Added back the phonograph inside study

  • Changed the lighting, billboards, materials and added outside areas in the following maps:
      • expanded the map beyond cave-ins (visual),
      • changed the way player behaves while fainting,
      • added auto-move script function
      • changed the area player looks at when the lantern falls on the ground
      • fixed a bug where the secret shelf would shoot out to space upon triggering
      • fixed decals under the cave-in
      • added fog areas
      • subtle lighting changes that happen overtime
      • expanded the map beyond cave-ins (visual),
      • fixed decals under the debris
      • slime damage areas moved out of the way a bit, leaving from Wine Cellar, Laboratory and before entering the Refinery
      • added a reflective material
      • detailed the orb cutscene
      • fixed decals clipping on carpets
      • fixed buggy stove collision
      • grunt spawn and path changed
      • adjusted the fog
      • after getting hit with the barrel, daniel's reaction would only be heard in one ear
        • in that room, it was possible to see through the ceiling
      • fixed the dirt textures surrounding the hole
      • fixed shelf placed half-way through the ground
      • changed boxes covering up the hole
      • added a sanity boost
      • fixed clipping textures at the start
      • disabled the "Look At" script function
      • fixed door frames' scaling
      • player could get stuck in the corner of the pulley room
      • changed up some box placements
      • added water
      • fixed texture void on the stairs
      • full game save enabled on the dead body after coming out of the guest room
      • clipping room corners
      • fixed texture voids
    • STUDY
      • added the phonograph
      • fixed ugly spotlights on the outside area
      • greater view distance outside
      • cave-in would have stones stuck mid-air, or clipping inside the walls
      • changed enemy spawns and paths
      • changed dynamic cogwheels' pointlights
      • coal pieces are easier to find for new players
      • fixed a softblock
      • small changes to the rooms outside the elevator
      • changed up enemy spawns and paths
      • it's easier to get out of the tunnel
      • slightly changed the dead body's position
      • reflective floor
      • more moist
      • herbert's diaries added back in
      • changed the floor material
      • changed note positions
      • a lot of clipping textures fixed
    • MORGUE
      • fixed a black texture bug on stairs
    • SEWER
    • NAVE
      • fixed a floor texture over-sight
      • major visual change
      • fixed broken height maps
      • upper room is green as it was in the concept art
    • EAST AND WEST CHOIR (entrance and main hall)
      • Alexander monologue starts sooner (so the maiden jumpscare and alexander mono aren't happening at the same time)
      • subtly lit up the pipes player is supposed to follow
      • slighty adjusted/changed the iron maiden jumpscare
      • added music
    • CELLS
    • FINAL
  • Added music produced by Mikko Tarmia for Amnesia: TDD
    Mostly extended or old versions:
    • 06_amb
    • 09_amb_safe
    • 12_amb
    • 16_amb
    • 18_amb
    • 22_amb
    • dan_grunt
    • ending_alexander
  • Added new sounds
  • Added unused brute spawn sound
  • Added pre-rendered reverb for some sounds
  • Added an optional custom stories compatibility patch.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Remastered (FINAL)

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