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New media and a new means for anyone to get involved in SWS - even those without modding abilities!

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As Obi-Wan so succinctly stated, progress keeps on rolling along. Since the beginning of November we've completed 20 units--around a quarter of our current internal beta count. To add to that, each new unit we create now gets its own preview thread in our forum! Below and in our gallery you can see but a small sample of these previews, so don't forget to check them all out!

Imperial Territorial Fortification Rebel Airborne Troop Transport
Imperial Territorial Fortification and Rebel Airborne Troop Transport

But I'm not just here to show off pretty pictures. SWS can use your help! Not only are we always on the look-out for new modelling, skinning, and programming talent, we need help from you, the everyman! We are still in need of voice actors, particularly those who can act in an "artistocratic" British accent. All you need is a microphone, so if you're interested, check out this forum thread.

We've also decided that some of our unit names are rather bland, so we put out a request for some new unit names. You can give our units such as the boring sounding "Airborne Troop Transport" a cool name or call sign just by posting your idea. Don't be shy, we like variety, but do make sure you follow the guidelines we set out in this topic.

That's all for tonight, but always keep an eye out on our forum for more previews and more community involvement requests. Who knows what could pop up next!

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