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Information On Episode One's New trailer. Here K2's thoughts on making the trailer and the goal behind it. Find out some more indepth info on the Alternate Universe.

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Hey There.

Luis Samways, CEO of purplefacegames here. I whipped up this trailer to try and conjure up some intrest in my WW2 zombie shooter where a british POW named Markus Beck, awekens to find the Death camp he was imprisoned in overrun by the flesh eating animals we know as ZOMBIES. The goal of the game is to eascape out of the death camp (Which is easily done in the first level of the game) But after that it comes to Markus's light that the zombie problem isnt only in the death camp, its everywhere he goes. So what starts off as him trying to save his ass from the the outbreak in the prison, now means he has to fight the nasties out on the streets!

He is overwhelmed with emotion when he see's there is no hiding from the hored, so he needs to exterminate them to the best of his abilities.

In the game the player comes across letters from soldiers and people to their loved ones at home, through that mechanic Markus can understand the world alot better, and as the levels and episodes go on then the player gets a deeper understanding of the crisis, through its original source to the people responsible for it.

What the pleyer soon learns after playing the game for a while is that there is more to the outbreak then it being in the present. Markus soon learns that the events that are happening in 1944 are having an effect on the future, he then needs to find a way of making sure his future family and fellow humans survive and the Zombie outbreak is stopped.

Now you have some background on the story, we would like to share with you the video game play footage of the game. check it out on YOUTUBE!


Thanks for reading and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section here and on youtube if you wish.


Luis 'KILLAH K2' Samways

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