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Hi all, I have finished the alpha/beta/demo for the game and will upload it later today.

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I will be uploading the Alpah/Beta/Demo for "Don't Go Into The Woods!" later today, I hope. It is a .zip file containing the woods.exe as well as the Data folder required by Unity. Just unzip to a folder and run the .exe

Please let me know what is good/bad as well as any comments/criticisms for the "game". It took about six weeks of off/on developement and started out as just really a learning project for Unity.

My own personal observations are that 1) I had no clear storyline for the game and there really isn't one I guess. 2) I should have a good idea of what I wanted to accomplish storywise before starting out as I basically just started creating terrain and adding in objects and such in order to create a Halloween themed level. 3) The menu and title screens are really basic, and were created at the end, 4) The ending to the level is not very good and is something I really want to fix in any updates that I make to it.


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