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Hell Bat is out, the Switches feature is so cool! Music should be in soon, and here, you can watch this video.

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In this last update we've added one of the features! There are now switches that are placed randomly throughout the dungeon, movable switch blocks, and things triggered by them, like sliding blocks and fire traps. We'll be adding in more triggers in as we can.

Here is a video of Calvin showing off (getting carried away with) the new version!

Here's the changelog:

  • Nerfed Goblins... they were driving me crazy
  • Switches! turn things on and off in the Dungeon
  • Switchable Fire, Doors, and moving blocks
  • Fire now does damage,
  • Lantern now has a tiny attack and can interact with crates and switches
  • New Tiles
  • Made more dark, (but not completely dark) rooms
  • Upgraded Credit text
  • Improved Item distribution
  • Added better Scoreboard protection
  • Changed Stairs down so it wont pool monsters
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Made the logo\menu look more fancy, only high level monsters appear now, so players can get an idea of what lies in the depths

The next things we are working on are getting the game items and monsters completed, there will be new potions, monsters, bosses, and hats. Once that content is in, we can really balance the game much better.

We now have almost all the music for the game, and in the next few weeks it will be in! It's a much much better system than we had planned a few months ago. Things are moving as quickly as we can, but we refuse to sacrifice gameplay for a "deadline" so please be patient with us.

Steam will be adding in another batch of Greenlit games in a few days, so help us impress them!!

Until next time!
*walks off humming the reading rainbow theme*


Awesome!! XD

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I wait your game...

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