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Our alpha version includes a rough version of our story mode, as well as a more fleshed out endless survival and boss fight mode. This is still a very early alpha but we are excited to be getting our work out online.

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In the newest version of the game we have seen some big changes to the “story” mode of our game. We are beginning to develop objectives beyond just surviving, as well as dialog with NPC’s. We improved our guidance and difficulty balance against enemies. There is now more ammo available to the player and the enemies have gained new abilities (invisibility, homing bullets, and rushing the player). We added a knife for melee in the case you are in close range with an enemy or run out of ammo.

Lots of these changes came from issues many players had last week with not enough guidance. We also got feedback that enemies were not challenging enough to fight, which we are still working on improving. We plan on greatly expanding the story mode in the next week as well as giving more context to survival and boss mode. We intend to emphasize the uniqueness of boss enemies.


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