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So the first patch for Samphi knocks us up to 0.2 and fixes a number of issues found in the initial release. This includes a complete re-write of the Load/Save system. This is the reason for the delay, but the game should be much more reliable now. View the article for a full breakdown of the changes made for the update.

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I think it has been 2 weeks since the first release of Samphi and it is time for the first patch. This took longer that i originally intended, but as usual i underestimated the work at hand and ran into complications.

Mainly I realized that the save/load system the game was using was pants! I have completely re-written the way the game saves and the way it loads the levels and it is much more reliable. I have been trying to break it but haven't managed to in a while to i think it's working fine. Let me know if you find a venerability.

The video below shows a breakdown of some of the changes implemented with this latest patch.

Below is a full change-log of the upgrade from 0.1 to 0.2.


  • Fixed bug where you could walk through dirt if it was placed in front of cave wall
  • Fixed the Load Planet/New Planet system
  • Fixed the bug where cave walls weren't always being created after digging naturally spawning dirt
  • Fixed the bug where flax wasn't being destroyed correctly
  • Fixed the bug where trees weren't being destroyed correctly
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't walk on the very bottom of the level
  • Fixed the bug where your character got stuck if you placed a block where you are standing
  • Fixed the issues with the animals collisions (e.g Pigs could walk on dirt)
  • Fixed the spread of water


  • Added an area to the UI that shows what item you currently have selected
  • Added some basic settings options to the game
  • Added some button press effects to some of the buttons as a test
  • Added test physics to certain items such as apples and acorns
  • Right Clicking the dog icon teleports it to you


  • Grass/Lighting calculations should now be more consistent/reliable
  • If the dog gets stuck and falls behind he will automatically teleport back to you Changed the way levels are loaded
  • Made changes to the land generation code so better landscapes are generated
  • Re-wrote the whole Save/Load system. It should now be more reliable and will save ALL rooms, not just the one you are currently in as previous.
  • LOTS of under the hood changes!!

This isn't all of the changed, but the majority of the main ones. There has been lots of work put into the game under the hood to make it (hopefully) more stable. Like I said before i can't seem to break the game but maybe you can find a flaw.

Anyway i hope you enjoy this latest version, not much has been added as its main focus was improving stability, but i can now focus the next patch on adding new content. I will updating the games profile with a video and images showing the patch changes tonight.


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