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Information regarding Alpha V0.0.6 Release and future changes/releases.

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Hey everyone! IMakeMods here!

I'll be working on 0.0.7 this week. I will be working more on events, such as the Panamanian Revolution, and bug fixes (I've been told that there was an error with Amelia Earhart and Roosevelt joining the USA's war on the Philippines). Here's a list of some events I hope to get done this week:

  • Panamanian Revolution
    • Subsequent reaction by the USA
  • Mexican Revolution
    • Subsequent nations getting involved and the like
  • Death of monarchs
    • Europe basically
  • Boxer Rebellion
    • And the eight seven nation army

I also plan on putting in more traits and national spirits. While I will reveal some of the traits, I won't reveal what they do. Some traits are:

  • Hero of the Spanish-American War (Roosevelt specialty)
  • Progressive
  • Leftist
  • Rightist
  • Lawyer
  • Soldier
  • Professor

Some national spirits are:

  • Empire in Decline/Decadence (Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire)
  • Fractured Empire (Austria-Hungary)
  • Loser/Victor of Franco-Prussian War (France/Prussia respectively)
  • Backwards Empire (Russian Empire)

I have also been told navies have been giving people issues so I will be deleting the navies of each country until I properly put in my own technology (I'll put in a place holder for now so people can build navies still).

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


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