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An all-round update on level progress, new trick and enemies and player control.

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* Re-design the art style of game: change the scene to pixel style. The consistent art style will make players more comfortable. The art work is still ongoing. We'll update the animation in the future.

* Re-design the control of players. Shield can be opened directly by right stick. We used to apply a button to open and close shield. It may be more comfortable for players to use right stick when they aim to open the shield. Wait for more feedbacks.

* New trick and enemies. A deck can release laser and a bat that can follow players until it bites! Different tricks with different features can greatly add excitement of the game. The design of the level can be more flexible. We'll try different combination of current designs to create more interesting levels.

* New levels. The later levels other than the first one will be include more puzzles and exciting tricks. Our game combines both puzzle solving and action features. The enemy and puzzle density will increase as the level progresses. Next version, we will add a boss for players.

* Move UI for players to the top. In earlier version, it was at the bottom. Players may be distracted by such a position. We tried to apply different method to show the status of players. Wait for more feedback.

* Tutorial level: a short and simple level that guides players to learn how to control characters. Our character is controlled very simply by a few buttons. But its function is very vital to later progress. We hope this simple level can lead players to quickly catch the key point.

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