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New four classes for mercenaries. New weapons. Marking, engraving system for items. Overall game rebalance.

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Since this update, we introduced a new role system for mercenaries, based on classes! Now, when you reach level 5, you can select one of the 4 classes, for each mercenary: Commando, Scout, Juggernaut or Support. Classes have different skill trees, different available weapons, active objects and bonus parameters. In the following updates new bonuses, unique active- and conditional skills, items and class armor will be added, as will the set of class skills be expanded.

The mechanic of getting skill points (SP) has been changed; at 1-4th level, each mercenary gets 1 skill point, from 5th level onwards the mercenary receives 3 skill points per level. All the characters skill points were recalculated using the new skill point system.

Mechanics of personal skill books have also been changed. The item is now called "personal reskill book" and it will not give any extra points, it will however reset the previously selected skills and class-type as well as return all spent points (SP).
All skills of existing characters have been reset (although prestige skills have been saved).

You can choose a class for your mercenary in the inventory section "Abilities".

All existing weapons and items in the game have been reallocated by different skills that are available for classes. Thus, certain weapons in the game become available for only certain classes (or several of them). In this regard, the range of weapons will be greatly expanded, starting with this update.

New weapons
• M24 Sniper Rifle lvl 5, available at craft and shop.
• PSG1 Sniper Rifle lvl 6, available at craft with gold, premium store and renting.
• M1911 Pistol lvl 4, available at craft and store.
• Glock-17 Pistol lvl 6, available at craft with gold, premium store and renting.
• MG-36 Machinegun 10 lvl, available at craft.
• M72 LAW Launcher 7 lvl, available at craft and store.
• F-1 Grenade, available at craft and shop.

Due to many requests we now introduce a system of marking, which allows maintaining control over your property which you transferred to other players. Now you can put a mark on your favourite weapon or armour that describes the rules regarding the treatment of the item. You can block things like breaking, improvement, painting items for other players, or even for yourself. Also, you will be able to track and return your item if the holder doesn't want to return it or cannot do it by himself. All settings are configured separately, so you will be able to create a mark for every situation.
• If an item requires unbinding from the holder, the price of withdraw will be additionally include full price of unbinding.

Also we added the ability to apply engravings on the items - text inscriptions. Do you want to make a dedication, to perpetuate the memory of significant fight on your favorite weapon or to engrave a master's name, to improve the item up to +15? Now it is possible. Applied engraving is displayed in the information-box of the item.

• The length of the engraving can be up to 45 characters. You can add text to an existing engraving if you want.

Mark, engraving and withdraw services are available for gold. You can use them at the NPC that is responsible for the rent and unbinding of items.

• In the graphics engine of the game water animation has been added. It can be found at the location "Oilrig".
• Appearance of locations "Oilrig" and "Emporium Tower" have been updated.

• Damaging a droid is now accompanied by new sounds like sparks.
• Ability to search online player using only a part of the name has been added (button near the chat)
• Players who are actively responding to questions in the help chat will be issued a medal "Assistant." Medals are issued by the discretion of moderators.

• In the "Checkpoints" event capture points do not disappear after killing all mercenaries of one player, it now happens after killing all mercenaries of one team.
• Non-action of DOT effects (eg fire) on offline characters has been fixed.
• Automatic wearing of respirator and antitoxin in the “Detox” contract, in cases when the creator of the quest in the lobby has changed to another player has been fixed.
• The ability to ignore a player who has added you to their ignore list has been fixed.

Rebalance, changes to the shooting mechanics
Vertically spread at all small arms is equal to horizontal spread. This means that it is harder to hit a closed horizontal target now, for example in the protruding enemy`s head. The change is almost negligible for a weapon with high accuracy. The change does not affect straight-shooting grenade launchers like the RPG, Crossbow, M72.

The growth of the quantity from armour resistance has been changed slightly.

Weapons penetrating power has been changed. Now it depends on the damage type the weapon has, not on the strength of the shot. For example, this means, that a weapon with a high grade and a similar white weapon, pierce armour identically. Example: white PP-2000 has the same armour penetration power as a blue P-90 (both have the damage type "bullets").

• Desert Eagle. Changed from 10th level to 8th level as well as damage and accuracy changed.
• Beretta 93R. Changed from 4th to 5th level as well as damage changed.
• UMP45. Changed from 5th to 4th level as well as damage changed.
• PP2000. Changed from 7th to 9th level as well as damage changed.
• M60. Changed from 6th to 5th level as well as mobility and accuracy changed.
• M249 SAW. Changed from 10th to 7th level as well as damage reduced, mobility increased: the minimum of optimum range is now lower.
• M79 Grenade Launcher. Changed from 6th to 5th level as well as damage reduced, accuracy increased.
• Shield: Changed from 4th to 5th level, defence increased from 50 to 60.
• Police Shield: Defence increased from 50 to 60.
The price of these weapons has changed as well as the resources needed for crafting.

• Magnum. Cooldown increased from 30 to 35
• USP 45. Magazine\stock increased from 10 \ 20 to 12 \ 24.
• P90. Slightly reduced damage.
• RPG. Accuracy and damage have been increased.
• Crossbow. Accuracy has been increased.

• Rebis Grenade A. Reduced from 6th to 5th level.
• Rebis Grenade B. Reduced from 6th to 5th level.
• Spider Mine. Increased from 8th to 9th level.
• Spider Mine IFF. Increased from 8th to 9th level.
• Radar. Reduced from 7th to 6th level.

All steroid and adrenaline drugs are available when you reach 4th level.
All sealants are available from the 7th level, and their armor recovery effects are enhanced.

Great rebis injection has been added. It is available from level 10 now.

The base hp of mercenaries has been increased from 90 to 100.

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