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We created a new video showcasing the many exciting features we are working on Infinite Pixels, if you do not what Infinite Pixels is...this is the perfect video for you.

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We were unhappy with our first trailer, since some key factors and game play mechanics have been introduced to the game we consider it atm useless. It was great to introduce the game concept 7 days ago, but many things happen in 7 days when you feel inspired. So we decided to make a new trailer. THis new video will be showing the many new features we added through the week. And for those who do not know what Infinite Pixels is, this video might catch your attention.

These are the features we are showcasing
- a module building system
- multiple planets and solar systems
- Each planet has a unique features and story, lifeforms, ruins from previous civs. *working on i*
- Different modules have different unique functions.
- Co-op mode (2 players)
- multiple body needs(hydration, nutrition, health and working on oxygen)
- much more!

we are on Indiegogo Indiegogo.com
and Steam greenlight Steamcommunity.com



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Would like the colors to be a bit brighter tho. xD

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Quick question... Does the camera view automatically rotate like that every time you turn? Like some kind of head bob? Or is your view set on a fixed plane, where you have to manually rotate to have your view level with the horizon? Because it seems like there is no gravity, like you have to manually adjust your camera rotation so your character is standing on his/her feet; as if you could jump out of your rocket fall to the ground, and possible land on your head

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