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This month we have some good news for you. We are still in development but the first test can start in some time. For this we wrote a Launcher wich update the Game, when a new version is available. Also in the launcher included is the "Beta - panel" for the testers. The "Beta - panel" is a program with which the testers can upload their report and pictures of found bugs. It works only with an account. Only people we choose get an account. Here you can see the first version of the panel

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Dear MODDB Users,

We didnt wrote something since september. I am very sorry about it.
Well, i have to told you, that we dont worked much on the game, but today i can say, that the Alpha release is coming! I dont know when, but i think tomorow/next week/next month.

IMPORTANT to say is, that the content isnt as much good as you guys will think and as we thought..
Its the alpha 0.0.1 so, yeah well the Content is very small. For the first "release" , cant even write this without crying ;( you will get a little tutorial wich show you the basics of the Game and you will be able to do a little fight to test our battle system. Well, at last: The Alpha 0.0.1 will be able in German & English. (We try to do better english as we did here >.<)

This is it.

sincerly, your


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