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We discuss the Alpha release of our game, 11/16 ---

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This week, we added the final stages to the game. By incorporating all of our custom mechanics into the final levels design, we wanted to convey the idea that the player has gathered all the colors/abilities from previous levels. Additionally, we have also made several tweaks to address the feedback received from the playtesters: Because many playtesters found the puzzles to unlock the doors in the main hub world particularly challenging, we switched up the layouts to lower the difficulty. Continuity in the storyline is now present in game. Dialogues progress with button presses instead of mouse clicks to avoid awkward switching between mouse and keyboard. Players could previously cheese their way through levels by abusing a bug where the paintball had no speed, so we fixed this as well. Finally, we added more juice to the game to create a more fun and authentic gaming experience.

We are still playing around with ideas for the boss levels, and are looking forward to getting feedback for this week’s iteration to see what playtesters think of the current design. Once we have a solid idea of how our boss should be, we would finalize the game’s storyline. Ultimately, we are also reaching out to freelancers to help us with arts and sounds design.

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