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The Alpha Build of Hungry Cat Cooking is here! Check out the description for exciting new features, including an all-new chopping board mechanic and movement ability!

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Hey everyone! We're excited to announce our upcoming cooking puzzle-platformer: Hungry Cat Cooking. In Hungry Cat Cooking, you take control of an ambitious feline trying to deliver dishes to customers. Levels require careful timing and strategy, and many levels require the use of unique movement abilities gained through eating food that you also have to cook and prepare.

In the past week, we've made some exciting changes to our art & UI, additions to our content, improvements to our guidance, and additions to our team!

To build a more consistent art style, we made many of the food machines more cartoony and completely re-vamped our progress bars, player inventory interface, and machine inventory interfaces. We introduced what we expect to be is our final ability-granting food: lollipops (no spoilers -- check out the game for more info!). We also added an all-new cooking station -- chopping -- with a new accompanying minigame mechanic. To show off our new content, we served up three fresh new levels with several new recipes. In terms of guidance, we made our tip-giving avocado a bit clearer, and we used visual guidance to highlight the player-inventory system in the first level. Last (but not least), we also removed a (fun?) bug where a tornado designed to be used for player movement could be used to launch machines and stations into the air.

We're also excited to announce we have three new members joining the development team: a voice actor and two music composers. Look forward to experiencing their contributions next week!

Overall, we're excited about the direction our project is heading in, and we're looking forward to one more beta release next week before our full release in two weeks.

~ Spelling Bee Studios (a group of University of Michigan EECS 494 Students)

Alpha Build Link (Windows & Mac): Drive.google.com




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