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Our latest update is live, Alpha Lich, here are the details!

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Alpha Lich is out!

Not a lot of new content this time, but plenty of bug fixes :D Here's the change log:

  • Added Punch! you can now attack and activate switched with no weapons.
  • Added Fez
  • Added Lich Crown
  • Added Turban
  • Added Musketeer Hat
  • Leaving the double doors in the Tavern now activates players, deselect them for play by putting them back in there.
  • Fixed the camera shake offset bug
  • Fixed the eating apples to fast wastes an apple bug
  • Fixed the spraypaint invincibility bug (and made some optimizations to hit checks!)
  • Fixed Hell Portals, they will now only spawn a max number of demons instead of crashing the game
  • Moving Doors will now crush you and monsters to death
  • Skeletons now drop only 2 XP... sorry
  • Fixed the way resolution is saved and set (will hopefully fix the 100x100 bug!)
  • Made the GUI shrink for lower resolutions
  • Swapped colors on the damage counters (red means you're hurt now)
  • Fixed the monster stuck above doors bug
  • Made Guardians pushable so they don't block you from getting out of a door
  • Fixed the spelling of Fuchsia
  • Changed Basic Sword to just Sword (so dropping and pickup doesn't change the name)
  • Fixed the 4 players in a secret door bug
  • Fixed the Zombie hand double kill / double unslow bug
  • Fixed Waterfall sound still playing when the window was out of focus
  • Fixed Kittens so they don't hide inside other hats when you hold them
  • Fixed the hold item with your elbow bug
  • Fixed a bug where monsters stopped spawning from doors
  • Moved the Lantern to a table so it's more obvious you need to grab it
  • Enabled assignable mouse buttons and wheel for controls
  • Changed Mac Full Screen Mode to 'Capture Display' hope thats better ._.
  • The turbo shatner 2000 no longer rolls on the floor

We are aiming for Beta with the next update or so, lots of content will be coming, as well as NPC's that you'll find randomly in the Dungeon!

The next round of Greenlight is coming up on the 17th! Please help us get Legend of Dungeon onto Steam!

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