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This describes the team's Alpha Iteration progress and future goals.

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Tempest Might: Alpha Iteration

Our Alpha iteration consists of finishing up the content for the game. This means each stage has a boss awaiting to combat the player and a storyline with a conclusion. In addition, we added sound effects to player abilities to bring audio into play as a larger factor than previous iterations. Each boss fight is very unique, representing the stage and the element that is being showcased. One goal the team had was to make sure each boss fight is novel and different from one another. We believed this would be beneficial to our players to keep them interested and engaged in the game as opposed to sticking with a single element throughout the game. Our project’s direction is all about juicing up the game and providing more clarity to the users in terms of UI and UX. We plan to add better models for our players and enemies, as well as a model for the elemental spirit that serves as our guide. We will then utilize more background music, tailored specifically for our game. Finally, we will have voice overs to introduce the storyline and context to our players for a full gameplay experience.

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