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Here are the link for Alpha. Alpha will only be on this link, or as a downlaodable file, that will be uploaded soon. Alpha Link: Find it in the article.

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Alpha Link: Battletriv.com

Registration are now working :)

Hello everyone, sorry for letting you all wait this long before the first Alpha got released, but we had to fix some of the major bugs, and setup our new UI.

If you find any bugs, then please press the bug icon in upper right corner, and describe the bug as best as you can, it will help us sooooo much!

Ater the bug are submitted, a link will appear, thats to our temporary forum, we are working hard on making a design we can use from start, so everyone can discuss the game, and suggest features on the forum.

Now for some Alpha introdution.

This link will be used though the whole Alpha, if the link for some reason arent working, then please contact us at support@battletriv.com
Then we will fix it ASAP.

-Have these things below in mind when testing the game-

- EVERYONE Paticipating in the Alpha will recieve Coins to buy upgrades when they arrive in the store. The store is planned to be the last thing we implement in Alpha. And then its called Beta!
- This game is in Alpha stage, and bugs will happen somewhere.
- Match making can take some time, but why not invite a friend to play with you then, that would also help us a lot.
- Why do i have to register? So we know who to give coins later, and for getting xp.
- The game does only have the most basic features at the moment, but more will come, read below.

*Features we wanna implement before the game are released as full version*

* Store for upgrades and such.
* 3 player mode (still all vs all).
* Numeric answering, like on one of the screenshots.

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