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I'm trying to get the first alpha demo of Hoverbike Joust done by Saturday, January 3. But there's still a lot to do in just two weeks.

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I'm trying to get the first alpha demo of Hoverbike Joust done by Saturday, January 3. But there's still a lot to do in just two weeks.

Still haven't tuned the bots for Joust mode. The first iteration of the desert track is finished but will probably get changed a bit as development progresses. The gif to the right shows what I've been sketching in Blender as I think about what I want to do with the first arena for DM/Joust Mode. These will probably be used for Capture the Flag as well, but CTF won't be in the first demo. I have some really fun ideas for other modes as well, and they should be quite easy to implement as I imagine them. Hoverbike Hockey anyone? ;]

Hoverbike Joust - Desert Track v01 is done!What's left to do is:
- Finish the first arena
- A bit more coding for the Arcade Race and DM/Joust modes (already written in my head for the most-part)
- Basic collision sounds
- A bit of music (already have some sketches in Ableton and Nanostudio that might work for now)
- Basic menus/options (much easier now thanks to Unity 4.6!)
- And finally, implementation of something to make using different controllers and configuring them easier. Probably cInput, since I really don't want to code that feature myself. Everything else is from scratch (controls/movement, AI/navigation, game modes, etc), aside from the slightly-modified stock camera script I'm using (SmoothFollow.js), and I'll probably replace that with my own in the long-run.
The ol' crash backflipper.
The list really does seem like a lot when I see it written out that way (my own to-do list is very concise), but I think I can manage it. At least now I've set a deadline for myself. That will help.

PS, Ooop! Just noticed I forgot to enable the HUD in the build I used for the second gif, so that's why it's not updating.


Looks awesome! Keep it up!

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Alright! The game is looking good.

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Hoverbike hockey? yes please!

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Quite the progress.

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