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This is the third public alpha release of Crater Maker, and introduces a new mode: Scenario Mode. We've also included a slew of bug fixes and updates to existing gameplay, and some very basic support for creating your own scenarios, but more will be coming soon on that note! Make the jump to get the details!

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This is the third public release, so expect a few issues! Report any bugs you might find on our forum.

  • bug fix for free camera not inverting
  • ship controls updated
  • ship physics updated, ready for different types of ships
  • death logic updated (can land anywhere as long as its on the lander’s legs and not too rough)
  • added SCENARIO MODE with three scenarios
  • updated main menu UI
  • victory conditions for scenario mode (all delivery pads only)
  • overhaul on game manager backend to make adding additional modes easier and more logical
  • scenario level loading from XML
  • can add new scenarios by adding an XML files to Data/_Levels folder (review existing to see format, will definitely change over time)
  • graphical scenario editor in progress
  • added different types of landing pads
  • added planet identifier UI (gray = undiscovered, green = LP visited)
  • planet label logic in progress
  • atmospheric drag near planet surface
  • refueling LP logic, limited fuel supply
  • updates to procedural planet logic
  • CM mode in progress (not visible in current build)
  • lots of bug fixes

If you don’t want to burn your eyes out reading that, the long story short is that Scenario Mode is here, and you can add content to the scenario or create your own too. We’ve given you three “episodes” to mess around in, so let us know what you think! Unfortunately, the graphical scenario editor isn’t ready yet, so if you want to try it out you’ll need to review the XML format we used to make the example scenario missions (we’ll have a real scenario set and graphical editor for you before release, don’t worry!). It’s all holed up in your Data/_Levels/ folder for now, so if you can’t wait for the graphical editor go ahead and poke around a bit!

We had to rewrite a good bit of the existing code to streamline our process for the future so that it’s easier to add new modes , so Challenge Mode didn’t get much attention, however a Crater Maker Mode is being worked on behind the scenes as well. I think with the physics updates you’ll find the current modes even more challenging and entertaining.

And of course, if you like the game don’t forget to get your friends and family to vote for us so that we can get Greenlit! If you’re wondering where to get your hands on this build, preorder the game here to get access to alpha/beta builds and the final release DRM-free. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and hope you’re having a rockin’ week, thanks for your support!

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