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Post news RSS Alpha 9.4.1: Bug Fixes and Changed Folder Structure

Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha 9.4.1 with important bug fixes and a Sneak Preview of Alpha 10.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 9.4.1 from the A9 branch with important bug fixes that cannot wait until the next major A10 release. Moreover, we changed the folder structure of the Client and the Dedicated Server in the Steam install directory to prepare the upcoming Unity 2018.3 game engine upgrade.

The new folder structure is as follows:

Empyrion Client:
|----- Client
|----- DedicatedServer (for local Coop)
|----- SolarSystemGenerator

Empyrion - Dedicated Server:
|----- DedicatedServer
|----- PlayfieldServer

Note: The EmpyrionAdminHelper (EAH) tool has been moved into DedicatedServer folder

After updating to A9.4.1, please make sure to "Verify Integrity of Game Files" via Steam Client before you start the game.

For bug reports, please visit:


Emp Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 9.4.1 (Build 2288)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Terrain is not correctly removed for POIs that use playfield parameter "DroneBaseSetup" (eg drone bases)
- Fixed: Wrong y-offset for several POI (especially drone bases)
- Fixed: Issue with capacitor/battery amount not updating fast enough leading to problem with food spoiling in Food Processor and Fridge (MP)
- Fixed: Problem with explosion calculation in PvE (MP)
- Fixed: AI sometimes shooting through walls
- Fixed: Docked ship not always getting attached to parent ship (invisible colliders)
- Fixed: Cockpit collision exploit
- Fixed: HV Docking exploit
- Fixed: Not enough Upgrade Points to unlock all devices at level 25 (we added 250 more Upgrade Points)
- Fixed: Normal Zirax had still new Base Attack weapon config and thus were overpowered (ie Zirax could easily destroy base blocks)
- Fixed: Modular Wing Connector (Medium) was placed wrong
- Fixed: Problem that SciFi Bed could not be removed / had strange collision
- Fixed: Tribal Cauldron 2 cannot be removed
- Fixed: Troop transports turning & moving away when they reach a destination
- Possible fix for occasional problem with structure duplication
- Fixed: SV\HV open cockpits have broken building size model
- Fixed: Occasional PDA entity link didn't find the block due to the entity still loading. Wait up to 3 seconds for structure to load to link the pois.
- Fixed: Actual Dimension of 3x13x3 & 3x10x3 thrusters for SV are Smaller than what is both reported in the tooltip and visually.
- Fixed: Pda NearPoi and NearUnit checks
- Fixed: Missing new shapes for Xeno Steel Blocks and wrong Block Info for Xeno Steel Blocks
- Fixed: Several problems with terrain deco (AkuaPlant2 and CrystalsPyramidOrange have wrong colliders, AlienPlant11Blue has broken texture, AlienPlant11 is placed deep underground, AlienPlantReef2 is scaled far too small and has missing texture on fruits )

- Changed folder structure of Client and Dedicated Server in Steam install directory
- Removed NPC faction missions from MP Default Scenario (note that the MP scenario intentionally has a different setup of POI and playfield content. As a consequence, the missions that work in the SP Default Scenario do not work in the MP Scenario. We will have a look at more/new MP missions for the future)
- PDA: Improved POI and Near unit checks to include prefabSpecialLocalName in checks for more flexibility

Updated EAH Server Tool (Version
- For the changelog, see Empyriononline.com


Sneak Preview of A10:

On the main development branch, our team is working hard on Alpha 10 features which will be announced in due time. What we can already say is that the new base attack with Zirax troopers invading the base is coming along nicely.

The Zirax are approaching your base with drones and troop transporters:

Troop Transporters are unloading their units:

Troopers are approaching and invading your base:

Do your best to fend off the attack:

What might this special Zirax weapon be?

In our opinion, the new base attack adds a completely new dimension to the survival aspects of the game. It will give you a new threat level. The probability that your base will be attacked depends on several factors (proximity to enemy bases, in enemy territory or not, reputation, energy footprint of the base, size of the base etc).

Not only Zirax will attack your base but we are also working on a Talon base attack with a different attack flavor - more like a siege than an assault on your base.

But the new base attack is only one feature of the upcoming major Alpha 10 release. Stay tuned for more info….

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