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!!! New Release : Alpha 5.0 | Alpha 5.0 çıktı !!!

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- MG is now mountable. Mounted MGs are far more accurate.
- GL is now seperate weapon that can be upgraded.
- Special weapons will be dropped from units when they have died. The dropped weapons can be recovered by another LIU.
- Reverse indicator added to the cursor.
- AI improvements.
- Some Windows 10 compatibility problems fixed.
- Cover model fixed.
- Steam integration implemented.
- War situations redesigned.
- Multiplayer menu improved.
- Hedgehog and blackwidow need research center to be built.
- Hammer needs extra upgrade in research center to be built.
- Guided rockets' behaviours are now more realistic.
- Starting army now includes from 4 LIUs.
- Maps updated. (Jungle 3v3 map removed.)
- Options menu has now more option in it.
- Strategy panel revised.

Game Features:
- 2 Maps
- Skirmish up to 4 players
- Multiplayer up to 4 players (With or without AI) (Uses steam)*
* You cannot enter multiplayer menu when steam is offline.

Download NOTES:
1- Please don't install the game to a directory that needs admin privileges.
2- If you are using "Edge" as explorer, it will prevent you to download this file. You have to use different explorers.
3- If you are using Windows 10 or 8 SmartScreen will prevent you to run the installer. When SmartScreen notification has appeared you have to click on the "More Info" and click the "Run Anyway" button

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