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Post news RSS Alpha 4.2: Bug Fixes and Improvements (Part II)

Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha 4.2 with tracer effects for weapons, new wings and thrusters, rocket launcher with homing missiles and many bug fixes & improvements.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We have just released a new version - Alpha 4.2. New features include tracer effects for bullets, the possibility to change the 3rd person camera position in vessels, decorations that can get destroyed with vessels, we added several new wings and thrusters as well as two new weapons that shoot homing missiles. Moreover, we rebalanced several weapons, fixed many bugs and added other improvements to the game.

Try out the newest version and let us know what you think!

Empyrion Dev Team

Changelog: Alpha 4.2 (Build 688)

Main Features:
- Added tracer effects for bullets to certain weapons

The new tracer effects that we added to several weapons (including mounted weapons and turrets)

- Added possibility to change 3rd person camera position in vessels by Page UP and Page DOWN buttons (saving camera y and z offset in blueprint)

You can now adjust the third person camera for you vessels to find your preferred position.

- Deco trees/bushes/rocks get destroyed when CV collides with them (larger deco will not get destroyed, smaller deco does get destroyed)

Remember the situations when a little bush prevented your vessel from landing?
These times are over now...

- Added several new wings + possibility to change wings of same size via Change Tool (equip tool, aim at the wing and hit LMB to cycle through the variants)

This picture shows a part of the new set of wings that we integrated - the full set of wings is
waiting for you! (note: as shown in screenshot, you can easily change the texture on the wings)

- Added new set of thrusters for SV

This is the new set of jet-style thrusters

- Added new weapons: Mounted rocket launcher with homing missiles for SV and hand-held rocket launcher with homing missiles

Try out the brand-new handheld rocket launcher with homing missiles.
It is a lot of fun to shoot down drones with this goodie!

Changes / Improvements:
- Slightly increased zoom of turrets and reduced rotation speed if player zooms in a turret
- Nights are darker again on some planets (changes take effect in New Game or for unvisited playfields)
- Added directional tags to thrusters in Control Panel
- Re-balanced HV Thrusters, Hover Engine T2 and Hover Booster based on community feedback
- Re-balanced SV Thrusters based on community feedback
- Reduced size of muzzle flash for certain weapons
- Added damage states for emergency o2 generator
- Improved ship statistics: swapped m/s with degree/sec for pitch, yaw, roll based on ships current torque
- Optimized polygon count on several building blocks to avoid problems with large blueprints
- Disabled Undo and Redo in building-helper menu for Survival Mode
- Reduced mass of small O2 tank
- Reduced output in template for purified water
- Renamed "Small Constructor" to "Mobile Constructor" for SV and HV
- Some renaming of homing missiles
- Better faction output in 'ents' console command
- Better wireframe blue/red displaying of rotate tool
- Some internal weapon optimizations

Weapon Balancing:
- CV: Allowed Rocketlauncher/Pulse Laser (fixed weapons) for planetary use
- SV: Increased RPM for Plasma Gun, Railgun and Rocketlauncher
- HV: Increased RPM for Plasma Gun and Rocketlauncher
- SVHV: Increased range of all weapons and turrets (~50-100m)

- Updated Unity to 5.4.2
- Updated Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) to newest version

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that shooting was still in-accurate for minigun and cannon turrets
- Fixed: Problem that turrets could still be shot manually from underground
- Fixed: Problem that up/down rotation on player characters was not working in MP
- Fixed: Problem that upgrading autominers did not work correctly
- Fixed: Problem that highest-tier Autominer T3 still showed upgrade possibility -> by using this, you get the components infinitely
- Fixed: Problem that equipped weapons are shown for other players when on motorbike (MP only) - partially fixed
- Fixed: Lockcode exploit: "Go Back" arrow could lead to full access of private structures (e.g. constructors)
- Fixed: Blueprint client-side exploit: copy blueprints in cache folder in BpProducts and use on MP server
- Fixed: Problem that splash of Player-turrets could kill Players in PvE
- Fixed: Problem that waypoint arrows in HUD were missing after relogin (MP only)
- Fixed: Problem that Lock Code 0000 (public access) did not work with certain devices
- Fixed: Problem that vessels rolled while trying to yaw with mouse (left right movement)
- Fixed: Problem that some trees jumped around when being harvested
- Fixed: Problem that light of spotlights traveled through solid blocks, but not through curved windows
- Fixed: Problem that inside of windows was very milky in certain light conditions
- Fixed: Problem that it was still possible to dive and move underwater in deep water with vessels
- Fixed: Glossiness / white dots on NPCs and some plants
- Fixed: Graphical issue in player inventory -> strange reflection on helmet
- Fixed: Layer problem on Aitis and Akua (now only grey rocks as layers on Akua)
- Fixed: Several line-placed block shapes had missing faces
- Fixed: Problem that no smoke was visible when watching other players falling down with capsule
- Fixed: Weapon hold on chainsaw
- Fixed: Wings were offset in blue preview box
- Fixed: Visual issue when looking from certain angle on hull texture
- Fixed: Preview color of blocks was wrong for certain blocks
- Fixed: Texture problem with wings for certain textures
- Fixed: Square flare around Sun
- Fixed: Idle animation on certain NPC (animation did not loop)
- Fixed: Error reported on support email linked to turret shooting - #CE018
- Fixed: Error reported on support email linked to Resume Game menu - #85A8B

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