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This will be about the Alpha 1 and the future of Attic and whats going to happen to it.

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Hey guys my 1st update here.....yeah...anyways this will be where i update the game and release updates!I do still talk about updates on Attic's Discord Server so don't worry about that. Continuing on i am currently working on three....well.....really two.....i wont explain here due to reasons but three projects are/will be in the works.These are the following
-Attic Alpha 1
-The Attic Teaser Mod 1 (working title) (wont be (unless something happens) worked on my me (special thanks to a friend out there who wants to stay anonymous))
-Basement Taser Mod 2 (i have been considering removing this but i am still deciding)

This will take a while to develop all of these at one time while still working on the patch for the Pre Alpha 3 that should come out near the end of August but dont count me on that because.....im really.....REALLY....bad at release dates.The others....well.....i have no idea!
Im sorry if this feels a little bit.....barren...but tbh i am tired and not much has been going on with Attic...

Thanks for listening...i mean reading... ~Llama Dude

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