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The team has been busting ass on Alpha 13 A.K.A. ‘Apocalypse Release’ and we’re getting very close. We have about 50 issues of importance left to fix so it could come out between Friday and Monday if things go well and additional showstoppers don’t rear their ugly zombie heads.

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How's it hanging Survivalists,
The team has been busting ass on Alpha 13 A.K.A. ‘Apocalypse Release' and we're getting very close. We have about 50 issues of importance left to fix so it could come out between Friday and Monday if things go well and additional showstoppers don't rear their ugly zombie heads.

That being said we have had hundreds of requests for release notes to be published before the official release so you folks can digest the mass of information we have compiled for you. Unless you‘ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard this is one big mother lode of content! In fact it’s got more features than any release we’ve ever done and internally we’re on build number 134 for A13 to give you an idea of the magnitude of this coming update. Folks this is by far the largest update to date and as Michael Buffer says “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Stay cool, be patient and read on Chaka Khan!

For up to date news and info on 7 Days to Die please visit Madmole’s Blog

Official Alpha 13 Release Notes

HD Zombies, Motion Capture, Dismemberment and Combat Knockdown System


  • New Zombies, High-Res Zombies and Animals – We have 5 new base male and 3 new base female high res zombies, a new high res nurse, a new high res frozen lumberjack, and a new hd crawler. Basically all zombies are high res now and the apocalypse never looked so sexy! If that wasn’t enough we’ve added a new Screamer Zombie that investigates world heat map locations that are too hot based on noise, smells and activity so the spider zombie has returned to a normal zombie in the spawning mix. We’ve also added zombie bears to the game be very careful with these guys they will fuck you and your fort up. Last of all we’ve added chickens to the game for another source of meat, feathers and eggs their finger licking good.
  • Motion Capture Zombie Animations – We’ve integrated a complete set of new motion capture animations for the zombies that are root motion driven. Meaning they are anchored to the world and their animations drive their motion and speed. The set includes per region pain animations, jumps, attacks, bites, dramatic deaths and a new death to ragdoll animation transition system. There are several variants of walk and run including fit, fat, convulsions, strong and crawl as well as a custom spider zombie moving on all 4s set.
  • Zombie Dismemberment System – We’ve added a brand new cutting edge dismemberment system. The system allows players under the right weapon conditions to lop-off with a melee weapon or shoot off with a firearm a zombie’s limb at the elbow, shoulder, knee or hip and take off their heads. Zombies keep coming until their head is taken off or the damage given meets the required damage threshold. Damage to zombie arms/legs cannot kill the zombie, only direct damage to head/chest can kill it now.
  • Dynamic Limping and Crippling System – In-conjunction with the new dismemberment system we’ve added a new dynamic limping and crippling. You can attack a zombie legs and their walk can change from normal to a hobbled walk and if you damage them enough they fall to the ground and become a crawling zombie. Spiked traps, landmines, pipe bombs, landmines and fire damage also interact with this system with similar results.
  • Knockdown Combat System – We also added a new knockdown combat system that allows player to knock down zombies into prone or kneeling stunned states and deal more damage during these states. With this change health of all zombies have been adjusted up. When a zombie is in the prone stunned state players deal 3X damage and while in the kneeling stunned state deal 2X damage. The system tracks accumulative damage to an upper body knockdown pool for prone knockdown and accumulative damage to a lower body knockdown pool for the kneeling knockdown. For each knockdown pool the damage is accumulative and must reach 0 in a limited time for a knockdown to occur as there is a constant refill rate.

We like it Cold, Hot and Wet! Extreme Weather Survival System


  • World Temperature – The world has a global temperature in Fahrenheit Degrees and is displayed in the new map under map stats and can also be seen by hitting F8 in debug mode only. This world temperature fluctuates per biome, per time of day, and gets colder the higher you are and warmer the lower you are. Wind speed can also impact the temperature which is also shown in the map screen maps stats section.
  • Player Temperature – The player has a core temperature in Fahrenheit degrees which is the world temperature +/- how it feels to the player and is displayed in the new character menu in the player stats section next to the thermometer icon.This can also be seen by hitting F8 in debug mode only. When the player gets too cold a snowflake buff displays in the lower right corner of the screen with the players core temperature next to it warning the player of his current status. When the player gets too hot a sun buff displays in the lower right corner of the screen with the players core temperature next to it warning the player of his current status. These buffs can also be seen and examined in the new active buffs panel in the new character screen.
  • Player Wetness – The player can get wet by moving through water volumes in the world or by being exposed to rain or snow overtime. The more the player submerges himself in water or the longer he is exposed to rain or snow the higher the wetness % goes up to 100%. When the player gets wet an umbrella buff displays in the lower right corner of the screen with the players wetness % next to it warning the player of his current status.
  • Temperature and Wetness Defense – All clothing has a positive or negative insulation degree value which can be seen by left clicking an item and examining it which displays the stats in a new Item info window above the backpack. Most items have a positive insulation defense value but a few are special and have a negative value for hot weather survival. Some clothing have a waterproof defense % which can be seen by left clicking an item and examining it which displays the stats in a new Item info window above the backpack with full item stats. A players total summed Insulation and Waterproof values can be seen in the new character screen in the upper left of the character window next to the thermometer and umbrella icons.
  • Temperature Modifiers
    • Wearing clothing that has a negative insulation value will cool down the player and is desirable for hot weather survival. F.E. the cowboy hat keeps the player cooler in the desert.
    • Wearing clothing that has a positive insulation value will warm the player and is desirable for cold weather survival.
    • Getting wet by moving through lakes, rain, or snow will make the player wet and colder when he’s cold and cool the player down when he’s hot.
    • Activity that uses stamina, like running or swinging a pickaxe, will warm up the player.
    • Standing near a campfire or forge that is burning will warm up the player.
    • All clothing will have a waterproof % capping how wet the player can get.
    • Going indoors will warm you when you’re cold and cool you when you are hot.
    • Exposure to direct sunlight will warm, and shade will cool, the player.
    • Some foods and drinks have temporary core temp warming or cooling properties. F.E. drinking coffee warms you while water, goldenrod tea, red tea and yucca juice will cool you.
    • Wind speed can also cool the player down and will be seen in the new map screen under map stats.

Harvest and Universal Block Upgrade System


  • Harvest System – We’ve overhauled block health so everything in the world from a wood wall to a deer carcass has a health and when attacked decreases and adds resources into the player’s inventory automatically showing both added and dropped inventory changes with a GUI informational pop-out on the bottom right corner! The system is global giving the player the right feedback and additionally allows the player to yield bonus items when using the right tool for the right job. For Example using a wrench to take apart a car or air conditioner or using a knife to harvest a deer can yield special bonus items or larger yields. The system also communicates resources removed or needed when attempting to repair or upgrade blocks. Note: With the introduction of harvest and crafting list we have had to majorly change the amount of resources the player receives from wood, stone, metal, clay basically everything and the costs for crafting them so a lot of rebalance has gone into this.
  • Universal Block Upgrading – We’ve added a universal block upgrading system. With it nearly every block in the game can be upgraded if the player has a construction class tool such as a Stone Ax, Wrench, Claw Hammer or Nail gun and the right resources such as wood or scrap iron on his person. The game knows what a blocks core materials are to start with such as wood or brick and takes it to the next higher tier in the games overall upgrade hierarchy. This allows players to take over locations easier and save them the trouble of tediously tearing out a block to upgrade it unless it’s part of a new floorplan design. Not to worry we have maintained our old building system so you can still build and the old way. This includes every door, window, most full size wall blocks, roofing blocks and more.
  • Block Upgrade Hierarchy – So the overall upgrade system hierarchy is listed below including 1 meter blocks, stairs, roofs, poles, windows and doors. Building has never been more fun!
    • Wood blocks upgrades to reinforced wood blocks by right clicking with a repair tool and using wood resource
    • Reinforced wood blocks upgrade to metal reinforced wood by right clicking with a repair tool and using scrap iron.
    • Metal reinforced wood blocks upgrade to a scrap iron blocks by right clicking with a repair tool and using scrap iron.
    • Scrap iron blocks upgrade to a reinforced scrap iron blocks by right clicking with a repair tool and using scrap iron.
    • Reinforced scrap iron blocks upgrade to a reinforced concrete block by right clicking with a repair tool and using concrete mix.
    • Reinforced concrete walls upgrade to steel walls by right clicking with a repair tool and using forged steel.

Brand New GUI with added functionality and Skill System


  • New Inventory controls – Ok before you get on our case about changing inventory controls please try it and give it a chance. Your muscle memory will fight you at first but after you get use to the new controls we think you’ll like it. We had to change them to allow item inspection and actions to be done from a static window. So here are the new controls:
    • [Left Click] to inspect an item, recipe or active effect
    • [Left Click] hold and drag to take a stack
    • [Left Click] to drop or swap a stack
    • [Right Click] hold and drag to take a half stack
    • [Right Click] to drop one item at a time
  • New Clean GUI Design Framework – The first thing you’ll notice is the minimalistic new clean design. The minimalistic design is more immersive improving flow and conveying needed information better displaying it all in one large page not sub-pages under sub menus. Even veteran players will appreciate the new flow and ease of use. Our team members have even commented that they find themselves crafting items they never knew existed. The system will allow us to iterate much faster and add new stations quicker and provide a great framework for mod support. In the video options we’ve added UI background and UI foreground opacity with defaults of 50% for background and 100% for foreground which can be tweaked to your liking. Note: there are some minor issues and elements to be grouped with this.
  • Paging System – We have integrated a new global player inventory paging system accessed by hitting the ‘Tab’ key. The new paging navigation system is located at the top center of the screen and clicking on the icons switches between crafting, character, map, skills, players, and creative screens. The old short cuts still exist ‘m’ key for map, ‘I’ key for the scoreboard which is now the player’s screen, ‘U’ for the creative and new ones ‘B’ for character screen and lastly ‘N’ for skills all of which can be rebound to your liking.
  • Item info window – We have added an item info window that appears on every screen that the players backpack does right above it. With it you can read descriptions and stats for every item, recipe, skill or buff in the game and where applicable perform actions taking the place of the old right click menu. Note: We have done a first pass on descriptions buffs and skills all have descriptions and most items you can loot, or make have them except for some of the misc. décor type items.
  • Crafting System – The new crafting system can be accessed by hitting the ‘Tab’ key or the crafting icon in the new paging system header. The crafting system has been overhauled with a large generous recipe window on the left which includes a favorite’s button, search and page scrolling. We’ve also added a brand new info window over the backpack which allows item description information to be displayed with a left click. The info window also shows available actions per item such as scrap, drop or equip. When you click on a recipe the info window changes to a crafting window which displays in a table format the recipes required items, names, amounts needed and the amounts you have. In the crafting window action panel you can increment the amount you want up or down or hit the max count button and simply hit craft. The crafted items will go into the crafting queue under the recipe window with a timer and will dump into your backpack when they are done. Up to 4 recipes can be queued at once. You can cancel queued items by clicking on them. Inventory management has been changed to left click to view an item info, left click and drag to take an item , right click and drag to split a stack, right click to drop one item at a time and shift left click to move a stack between spaces.


  • Character System – The new character system can be accessed by clicking on the character icon in the new paging system header. The new system offers a generous new larger character window to see your character better than ever playing a cool animation with no sub-page clicking to see what you need. On the upper left of the character window you can see your characters total clothing defensive values displayed. We have streamlined these defensive clothing attributes into 7 core groups including: Concussive defense % by the hammer icon, puncture defense % by the knife icon, fire defense % by the fire icon, radiation defense % by the nuclear icon, insulation defense temperature by the thermometer icon, water defense % by the umbrella icon and clothing weight % by the weight icon. Worn clothing can also be individually inspected showing stats in the new info window. We’ve also added a new player stats window with many valuable player stats and a new buff window where active buffs can be viewed and inspected for more information.


  • Map System – The new map screen features everything the old one did and so much more including a full 3 kilometer zoom out. It can still be accessed by ‘M’ shortcut or by clicking on the map icon on the new paging system header. On the top left you’ll notice a new map stats window which displays time and day, outside temp, wind speed and your elevation. The central map window top bar has a row of buttons where you can see your player’s current position, show it on the map, see your bedrolls position and show it on the map, see your cursors position and remove your quick waypoints. When you right click on the map you can set a quick waypoint or save a waypoint picking an icon for it and naming it which adds it into the new waypoint window on the top right. In this waypoint window you can click on a waypoint in the list and in the button bar track it on your compass, show it on your map, remove it from your saved waypoints or share it with allies or everyone on the server. These shared waypoints will go out to others who will receive them in the new waypoint invites window on the lower right. Here you can add the waypoint to your waypoint list, show it on the map or remove it. Who needs google maps with a system like this?


  • Players System – We’ve decoupled the old player invite screen from the map and combined it with the scoreboard. It can still be accessed by the ‘I’ shortcut or by clicking on the players icon in the new paging system header. The new screen offers everything the old one did and a lot more. You can see all the player’s on a server and their important stats, invite them as allies, track multiple allies, show them on the map and see their distance from you in Km. Note players must be allies to track them or show them on the map.


  • Skill System – We’ve added a first version of skills which we have big plans to expand with a lot more skills, special perks and a way to choose your initial profession and hobby. The page can be accessed by clicking on the skills icon on the new paging header. The system divides a lot of the major items into both usage and crafting groups. F.E. you can level up your mining tools usage expertise by using a mining tool like a pickaxe to mine and level up your tool smithing expertise by crafting mining tools. Many of the weapons, tools and activities in the game are combined into skill groups including blades, blunts, construction, mining, fists, pistols, shotguns, rifles, cloth clothing and fur clothing, scrap clothing, iron clothing and more. There are 37 total in our first version. These skills level up to 100 and can be leveled up 2 ways: First by performing activities like attacking, firing, repairing or crafting with an item from a skill group and the second way to level up a skill is to purchase the next level up in the skill purchasing menu. Skill points to spend are awarded whenever you level up your player level. You can inspect an item to see what skill groups it belongs to and see what your level and progress is in that group. In this first version there is only one perk available we call Quality Joe which has 3 tiers adding 25, 50 and 100 quality to found looted items but we have lots more planned for this so stay tuned.


  • Creative Menu Page & System – The new creative menu can still be accessed by the ‘U’ hotkey or by the new paging system light bulb icon. The new GUI provides 3 main categories all, all items and all blocks. We’ve also added a quick select and a show dev blocks toggle for modding. You can mouse wheel scroll for pages of blocks or click on the paging arrows at the top as well as search. This new creative GUI has made building more fun than ever.


  • Campfire System – The overhauled campfire system has a large generous recipe window on the left which includes a favorite’s button, search and page scrolling. Just like the new crafting system the campfire has an info window over the backpack which allows item information to be displayed with a left click. The info window also shows available actions per item. When you click on a recipe the info window changes to a cooking window which displays in a table format the recipes required items, names, amounts needed and the amounts you have. Like crafting in the cooking window action panel you can increment the amount you want up, down or hit the max count button and simply hit cook. The cooked items will go into a queue under the recipe window with a timer and will dump into the campfires output overflow when they are done. Up to 4 recipes can be queued up at once. On the top right is the new 3 slot tool/utensil window for adding the cooking pot, cooking grill and beaker. Recipes that have utensil requirements will list the required tools on the cooking window header showing a green check if you have the right utensils and a red X if you do not. On the middle right is the 3 slot fuel window for adding burnable items which has a new button for turning on and off the fire to preserve fuel and control how much you alert zombie hordes. And lastly on the bottom right the campfire has a generous 6 slot output overflow for finished recipes. Like Emeril you’ll be saying ‘Bam’ before you know it.


  • Forge System – Like the crafting and campfire the new forge system has a recipe window on the left which includes a favorite’s button, search and page scrolling. Just like crafting and campfire the forge has an info window over the backpack which allows item information to be displayed with a left click. The info window also shows available actions per item. When you click on a forge recipe yes the forge now has recipes the info window changes to a smelting window which displays in a table format the recipes required materials, names, material amounts needed and the amounts you have. Like in the crafting window the in the forge window action panel you can increment the amount you want up, down or hit the max count button and simply hit smelt. The smelted items will go into a queue under the recipe window with a timer and will dump into the forges output overflow when they are done. Up to 4 recipes can be queued up at once. On the top right is the new 3 slot tool window for adding the new forging tools the anvil, the caliper and the tool and die kit which have replaced the molds. The anvil can be crafted in the forge but the calipers and tool and die set can only be found in rare loot. Recipes that have tool requirements will list the required tools on the smelting window header showing a green check if you have the right tools and a red X if you do not. On the middle right is the 3 slot fuel window for adding burnable items which has a new button for turning on and off the fire to preserve fuel and control how much you alert zombie hordes. Also on the middle right the new forge has a material input where players can process a huge amount of 6 raw material types including: iron, brass, lead, glass, tone and clay. Forge recipes can now require up to 5 material types and a tool. Lastly on the bottom right the forge has a generous 6 slot output overflow for finished recipes.


  • New Compass – We’ve added a new compass on the top center of the screen. The new wider compass allows more tracked icons to be seen easier. All saved waypoints, player backpacks, bedrolls, tracked friends and waypoints show on the compass. But now they scale and fade based on their distance and importance giving the player a sense of how far things are away on the compass.
  • New Buff and Inventory change pop outs – We’ve changed buffs to have a new semi-transparent gradient background behind the icons and they can pop-out as warnings or lasting problems. The pop-outs allow additional information to be displayed next to the icon such as the stage of the buff or the percentage it’s affecting you. In the lower right corner of the screen the same pop-outs are used to display ammo count and resources added, resources subtracted and finished recipes.
  • Health, Stamina, Food and Water – To reduce GUI clutter and improve the games immersion the food and water stats have been moved to the character screen but will show up as warning buffs to give the player the needed information. The Health and Stamina GUI have changed to larger horizontal bars. The bars now display 2 numbers each separated by a forward slash representing current level and maximum capacity governed by the players wellness.
  • Gun and Item Assembly System – We’ve changed guns, chainsaws and augers so they players can inspect them and change parts assembling them in a different way. Basically you can left click on any gun , chainsaw, auger or single part of one of these and you’ll see a preview of every part or attachment it has and the quality of those parts across the bottom of the info window. If you’ve read the right book or schematic for a gun, chainsaw or auger you can click on the new ‘Assemble’ action in the item actions pane. Once clicked a new assembly window will appear. Here you can add parts and drag them onto slots or the larger preview window just like the minibike or character screen. The system allows you to combine 2 or more parts to start making a gun, chainsaw or auger even if you don’t have enough parts to finish it. The partial gun will show up with no quality and a grey bar and cannot be fired. Note if a gun is locked by a book you have not read the part or gun will display a book next to the word assembly in a greyed out color letting you know you need to read the book before you can perform gun crafting with that gun.


Characters, Clothing and Items

  • UMA 2 – We’ve updated to latest version of UMA integrating the Unity 5 standard shader on players. We’ve clamped bad looking sliders in the character creation tool and fixed bad rigging on neck and shoulder bones and small gap in male players mouth.
  • Hair Styles – We’ve added a unisex afro and dreadlocks hair style to the game which allows players to make a convincing black character
  • Clothing – We’ve redone the leather clothing, iron armor, added a new early game craft-able plant fiber clothing set, added a new animal hide clothing set which can be crafted without leather knowledge, added a new long leather duster, added puffer coats for cold weather survival of several colors, added a new black cowboy hat, and a complete hazmat outfit for upcoming radiation survival. If that wasn’t enough we’ve added functional night vision goggles to the game that turn on with the flashlight key.
  • Player Animations – We’ve redone or added many player animations including: Death animations, place block, nailgun use, wrench harvest, animal harvest, Ak47, Machete and more.
  • New Items – we’ve added a bunch of new items including a new baddish makeshift rocket launcher, AK-47 Assault Rifle, Machete, Chainsaw and Auger are craft-able and improved and much more!

World and Blocks

  • Location Updates – We’ve added 8 old abandoned houses that don’t have zombies in them but don’t have much loot either. They work perfect for a starter for or a place to hold up for an early night. We’ve also added a new fenced in parking lot and a new Water works Utility complex to the game and 2 new ponds for random gen. On top of that we added a destruction pass and garbage debris pass to many of the old buildings making the apocalypse that much more gritty. If that wasn’t enough we have flooded some areas basements forcing players to swim to get loot and 2 new water towers.
  • Block Updates – We’ve added a new chain-link fence set, a new industrial pipes set, a new loot-able dumpster, new decal trash piles, new industrial control panel set, new duct-work, new vault doors, new vault hatches, new old sinks and cabinets and a new industrial pipe set that replaces the old one.
  • Random Gen – We ‘ve added all the new locations to random gen and fixed some previously overlooked locations such as vacant lots that weren’t spawning. Also added country housing to wilderness POIs, abandoned houses to town hubs and more. We’ve also added the first pass of randomized lakes.


  • Recording Session – We recorded our first pass professional voice over audio session at Okratron 5000 a popular Dallas based recording studio casting the talents of Ric Spiegel, Caitlin Glass and Mike McFarland who have combined credits in many projects including Borderlands, Duke Nukem Forever, Full Metal Alchemist and Dragon Ball Z to name a few . We captured both male and female player sounds, base and special infected zombie sounds and future audio for traders, quest givers and bandits so stay tuned.
  • New Audio Mixing System – We’ve added a brand new audio mixing system for mixing all game sounds and setting custom falloff, digital signal processing effects and so much more. We’re just scratching the surface of its capabilities but you’ll immediately notice a big improvement in footstep, zombie audio and general mixing right away.
  • Player Audio – Using source from our recording session we’ve added all new male and female player sounds replacing the old small pains, large pains, deaths and out of stamina sounds. On top of that we’ve added new jump, land soft, land hard, hot debuff, cold debuff, run cycle loops and more
  • Zombie Audio– We’ve also integrated a new screamer zombie sound set from our recording session source a new base male second set for Boe the Infected Survivor and Moe our new Bloated Walker. If that wasn’t enough we’ve added a second base female set we’re using on Marlene ‘The Decayed Mother’ and Darlene ‘The Departed Woman’.

Dynamic Fluids System

  • No more BLOCKS – Water now takes the shape of its surroundings more naturally, though still voxelized, it has a much smoother look.
  • Reduced viscosity – We’ve loosened up the water a bit to allow it to flow more; with weaker polar attractions between the voxels so the water will act less like sticky blobs of jello, yay!
  • Pathing – Water now takes on new paths, looking for the easiest path “down”, trying to find its way through openings, and slipping over itself and filling those caverns. It might feel a little different from what you’re used to in 7 Days to Die but we’re all about a dynamic world.
  • Water flow and Flooding – You can control where the water goes now by digging trenches for the water to flow through. Drop enough water into a hole and it will fill up. Dig a trench to your friend’s base and let the water flow and flood their belongings (Note: you will need a water source with enough water and elevation in order to flood other areas).
  • Wet loot – Get your lungs ready, because we’re putting some of the loot you may want deep under water. Swim through flooded basements or even lakes to find extra survivalist treasures.
  • Evaporation – Water must be kept in buckets, enclosed structures or holes in the ground or it will evaporate and soon be gone.
  • Buckets, Jars, Cans & Hands – Buckets pickup 3 water, lowering the waters density, while jars and cans pick up 1 water block, also lowering a water block’s density. Drinking water with hands does not lower the water density, but will still satiate your thirst a bit.

All the Other Stuff


  • Added: Car batteries can now be repaired with repair kits
  • Added: Potassium nitrate formations to the world
  • Added: Specular to female shaggy hair
  • Added: Kitchen sink harvesting
  • Added: Light to the new spot light.
  • Added: Clay harvesting, you now get clay lumps directly from harvesting clay. Changed all recipes using clay to use clay lumps.
  • Added: Destroyed stone harvesting
  • Added: Cinderblock harvesting
  • Added: Oven harvesting. They yield scrap metal and additionally scrap cables and short metal pipes if disassembled with a wrench.
  • Added: New player death animations, specific to being shot in the head, chest, each arm and leg
  • Added: Torch idle sound
  • Added: Oil mining and refining. You can find oil deposits in the desert and mine them to get oil shale. Oil shale is refined into gasoline in the beaker
  • Added: Random cars to roads, and replaced old wasteland voxel cars with new mineable prefab cars
  • Added: Ingredient based crafting time to all cooked items. Recipes are now calculated by how long each ingredient takes to cook rather than a generic time
  • Added: Car harvesting. Players need to use a wrench to get parts from it. Parts include small engine and batteries (30% chance), radiators and oil (50% chance), and springs, scrap metal, and cloth (100% chance)
  • Added: UNET networking
  • Added: Sand recipe from crushed sand
  • Added: Corn meal and honey to canned food loot group (Joel)
  • Added: Honey to tree stump loot
  • Added: harvest to planted trees and stumps
  • Added wood log recipe and wood log harvest (Joel)
  • Added: Sub biomes grass patches with cars in them to the wasteland biomes.
  • Added: Spider zombies are back in regular spawn groups
  • Added: scrap hatch, made from 10 scrap metal, upgrades take 5 scrap metal
  • Added: Vault hatch which is made from steel ingots, springs and is upgradeable
  • Added: Campfire harvest
  • Added: Insulation to skullcaps and unified them using extends feature
  • Added: Insulation to bandanas and unified with extends
  • Added: Shade and enclosure effects on core body temp added
  • Added: weathersurvival console command: weathersurvival on/off
  • Added: Machete weapon
  • Added: Chainsaw blade item to rare automotive parts group
  • Added sledgehammers and schematics to working stiff tools
  • Added: First aid schematic to rare medical
  • Added: Particle effect for first person breath in cold environments
  • Added: LODs for new zombie nurse model.
  • Added: All brick blocks (not ramps, stairs etc) are now repairable with cobblestones, and can upgrade to reinforced concrete with concrete mix and a repair tool. They are downgraded to solid wood frames
  • Added: All concrete (square) blocks can be upgraded to reinforced concrete and repaired with concrete mix
  • Added: Blue to the ambient of the snow biome and green to pine forest sky spectrums
  • Added: All new blocks and items to the english localization file
  • Added: unique footstep sounds for walking on trash
  • Added: Inside and outside corners made from concrete and steel
  • Added: Mocap puke anims to fat zombie cop
  • Added: Scrap stairs and reinforced scrap stairs
  • Added: Burnt wood can be upgraded
  • Added: Hooked up new block hold/fire animations
  • Added: Player made wooden outside corners can be upgraded all the way to steel
  • Added: Mobs can’t spawn on flag to all master blocks which means zombies can only spawn on terrain blocks
  • Added: Wooden pillar recipe
  • Added: Scrap iron pillars, concrete pillars and steel pillars
  • Added: All pillars can be upgraded to steel
  • Added: Rebar pillars that can be upgraded to concrete
  • Added: Lumberjack loot, they drop warm clothing and rare tools
  • Added: A new decapitation blood effect.
  • Added: Repair cost to player made doors
  • Added: 3rd person sack animation (Hold and Fire) to Player Controllers
  • Added: Poles drop wood debris
  • Added: New hd zombies to english localization
  • Added: Wedge 60 blocks that can be upgraded to steel
  • Added: New control board machines and ducts to factories and sawmill POIs
  • Added: Faster snappy iron sight transitions to all weapons
  • Added: All wood wedge 60’s can be upgraded to steel
  • Added: A new larger wilderness pond to rg
  • Added: A new mouse sensitivity algorithm that changes it based on normal and iron sighting
  • Added: New nail gun use animation
  • Added anvil, calipers, and tool and die set as new tools for the forge replacing molds
  • Added: Stone recipe made from 10 small rocks
  • Added: debugweather — will dump all weather data to console/log file. Please run this command when you encounter bugs with player temperature issue, and include your log file in bug reports.
  • Added: new decayed brick corrugated metal gable block
  • Added: Red tea to the game, made from Chrysanthemum plants which cools you down.
  • Added: Butcher to machete
  • Added: New bucket hold animation,
  • Added: Shit to the new toilet loot and you can throw it.
  • Added: Recipe for new large bed. Large beds give better resting bonuses.
  • Added: New a new ammo swapping radial menu just press and hold ‘R’ with the desired weapon equipped and you will see your ammo choices for that weapon.
  • Added: Male and female hide armor and recipes
  • Added zombie bears
  • Added: New player level up sound
  • Added: Burnt Forests now randomly appear outside of the desert and snow
  • Added: Lakes, these still need work
  • Added: Chainsaw schematic item and added it to loot
  • Added ak47 schematic item and loot
  • Added toilet open and close sounds
  • Added water source 8 as a block you can collect with buckets and jars
  • Added: New zombie screamer female zombie. She replaces the spider zombie who use to call the dynamic horde
  • Added: You can now scrap plant fiber clothing
  • Added: Military weapon schematics to military loot
  • Added: Rocket launcher schematic to rare books loot
  • Added: Gun jam sound to sniper rifle when it’s fully degraded
  • Added: A relax animation for when the player is idle
  • Added: Duct tape as an ingredient to more recipes


  • Changed: Potassium nitrate to coal material so it mines easier
  • Changed: Coal and potassium nitrate now drop coal lumps and nitrate powder directly when mined
  • Changed: Less chance for fog in all biomes
  • Changed: Create real physics and collision for thrown rock and thrown pipe bomb
  • Changed: Improved attack anims for all mocap characters
  • Changed: Barbed fences now slow down players and zombies
  • Changed: Players run slower up hill and faster downhill. Players run backwards slower
  • Changed: Tweaked walk and run speeds
  • Changed: Bears chase players longer before they give up, have more health, give more xp, and run faster.
  • Changed: Removed gunpowder charge from the game
  • Changed: All recipes that used gunpowder charges to use gunpowder instead
  • Changed: All blocks that dropped potassium to drop potassium nitrate powder
  • Changed: Trees now only drop wood planks
  • Changed: All recipes made from tree trunks now use wood
  • Changed: Nerfed Fire Ax damage to stone and metal
  • Changed: Players run and walk slower up hills and faster down hills, but only if the hills is > 25 degrees
  • Changed: Removed barnwood material from the game, barns now use standard wood (Joel)
  • Changed: Improved rock form 01 to look less flat
  • Changed: Lowered block damage on stone and fire axe
  • Changed: unified all shaggy hair and beards to use one texture
  • Changed: Beer dehydrates players
  • Changed: Increased damage on tnt to match new block damage health
  • Changed: If you are drunk you are immune to stun
  • Changed: Orange couches can now be harvested for cloth and planks. Leather couches can be harvested for leather and planks. They can no longer be picked up. They are harder to destroy.
  • Changed: Rebalanced repair on tools to fit new block health scheme
  • Changed: Renamed wood planks to “wood” and changed the icon
  • Changed: All recipes that used sticks now use wood
  • Changed: Condensed all meats to “Raw Meat”. Condensed pork, venison, rabbit and bear stews to just “Meat Stew”. Condensed all boiled grilled and charred rabbit, pork and venison to boiled, grilled and charred meat
  • Changed: Removed all legacy stew recipes and items
  • Changed: Reduced how common goldenrod is. It is now most common in the plains and rarely grows in the forests.
  • Changed: Boiled water has a 10% chance of giving you dysentery
  • Changed: Unified some wood frame recipes
  • Changed: Cannot pick up cinder blocks
  • Changed: 3rd person camera distance so death animations can be seen
  • Changed: Reduced specular on backpack so the buckles are shiny, but not like chrome
  • Changed: Now that blocks have density gore no longer downgrades to lower density versions when chopped up, but is a little harder to break
  • Changed: Stone now drops a few iron fragments when you harvest it
  • Changed: Stone axe and fire axe are now “butcher” tools
  • Changed: Increased minimum feather drops from nests
  • Changed: Storage crates all take 20 wood to make and no longer need unique items like crossbow bolts, stone etc to craft
  • Changed: Increased size of wasteland hubs and small cities
  • Changed: Ranger Stations and Cabins now spawn only 5 guys instead of 10 in random gen
  • Changed: Increased chance for it to rain
  • Changed: Set spring to stack 500, set stack limit on headlight to 50
  • Changed: block hold animation to same as idle
  • Changed: Unified all stalactites, stalagmites, coal and potassium nitrite blocks to drop the same amount of resources
  • Changed: Blunderbuss is the highest dealing shotgun now, pump shotgun second and long barrel shotgun third. Each has a narrower spread pattern
  • Changed: All block damage of all weapons. Materials are all now a hardness of one
  • Changed: Removed cornmeal listed individually from legacy loot system
  • Changed: Added a chance for clothing loot on zombies
  • Changed: Tree stumps can now drop any medicine group item instead of just painkillers
  • Changed: honey now cures infection stage 1, since honey is a natural antibiotic
  • Changed: Antibiotics no longer give wellness.
  • Changed: Increased vitamins wellness gain from 0.5 to 1
  • Changed: Sledgehammers have a chance to sprain legs
  • Changed: All cars in the world and in prefabs are the new cheaper versions that look just as good
  • Changed: Removed wasteland car from project
  • Changed: Introduce a radius for tree seed placement to prevent tree griefing or abuse
  • Changed: Door frames are made of weak wood and weak metal respectively
  • Changed: Small spike traps to be wood weak
  • Changed: Reinforced wood metal was too shiny
  • Changed: Removed all water gain from food
  • Changed: Grain alcohol lowers wellness
  • Changed: Increased chance for automotive loot in working stiffs crates
  • Changed: Tweaked auger damage for new block hit points
  • Changed: Spider zombies are no longer scout zombies, but a new female zombie is
  • Changed: wood upgrades to all cost 5 wood
  • Changed: Added random ore back to all biomes
  • Changed: Updated rocket launcher textures
  • Changed: Bacon and egg recipe uses meat and eggs
  • Changed: Harvesting crops via e or destroying them yields the same
  • Changed: Wood weak material is harder to destroy
  • Changed: Wooden desk to use wood weak material instead of cloth furniture group
  • Changed: Unified crop and plant harvesting. Plucking it or destroying it yields the same amount. However using a tool gives you xp
  • Changed: Crafting cotton seeds from cotton only gives you 2 seeds instead of 4
  • Changed: Adjusted material hardness for a wood weak and metals.
  • Changed: Moved all opaque textures to a single atlas for better performance
  • Changed: Updated medicine cabinet texture
  • Changed: Reduced chance of finding loot in cars
  • Changed: Increased cooking times of some items
  • Changed: Reduced block damage on knives
  • Changed: Reduced nail gun nail velocity
  • Changed: Removed santa hat
  • Changed: Updated green wallpaper textures to HD
  • Changed: Renamed hunting rifle bolt to hunting rifle receiver
  • Changed: Renamed hunting rifle bolt mold to hunting rifle receiver mold
  • Changed: Removed tungsten from the game
  • Changed: All clothing now uses a sack for hand model instead of piece of leather (Joel)
  • Changed: beds and desks have been replaced with the new multi-block models allows zombies to path around them better
  • Changed: Renamed handlebars to be spelled correctly, and icons, etc
  • Changed: Reduced zombie counts in biomes except wasteland
  • Changed: Male denim jacket to look like denim instead of leather
  • Changed: Chainsaw is now made from parts that have quality range and can be crafted
  • Changed: Rebar frame recipe to 10 short metal pipes
  • Changed: Updated load screens with current recipes
  • Changed: Removed sticks from the game all things are crafted from wood
  • Changed: Removed hive blocks from game
  • Changed: Moved many block id’s for extending properties with the new inherit code
  • Changed: Many loot container sizes so the minimum is 4 wide and 2 high
  • Changed: Updated the blood effects for body impacts
  • Changed: Slowed auger fire rate, reduced rays and increased damage
  • Changed: Made most recipes use 5 or 10 items, not 3, 7 or 9.
  • Changed: Unified all railings with master blocks
  • Changed: Pine forest spectrums, its darker at night and more natural looking
  • Changed: Stack size of wood to 1000
  • Changed: Deleted old low res zombie assets including base males and base females, nurses, Hawaiian shirt fat zombies. RIP you served us well.
  • Changed: Hard metal door recipe to use 10 forged iron
  • Changed: Overhaul the repair, upgrade, damage loot and pickup gui
  • Changed: smaller text size of E text
  • Changed: Removed day & time moved it into the new map stats window
  • Changed: Removed item name that is held in hand it’s now visible only in inventory and in the new item inspection window
  • Changed: Removed old fat zombie from the game
  • Changed: Gas can hand model and world model is now the gunny sack
  • Changed: Deleted old gas can assets
  • Changed: Books now give item recipe instead of mold recipe
  • Changed: Increased clay yield per block as clay has become a core forging ingredient
  • Changed: wood frames are now weaker
  • Changed: Renamed leather hat schematic leather hood schematic
  • Changed: Removed leather strips from the game
  • Changed: Leather is now used for leather repair
  • Changed: Increased hide drop from animals to support leather at a more granular level
  • Changed: Increased leather count needed to craft leather armor
  • Changed: Reduced health on deer and pigs.
  • Changed: Removed all molds from the game
  • Changed: Toilets no longer fill water jars, but are loot containers.
  • Changed: Most player made loot containers are 10 x 9
  • Changed: Increased clay lump stack limit to 500
  • Changed: Wood weak has more block stability
  • Changed: Cobblestone frames take 10 wood and 5 plant fibers
  • Changed: Loot timer size to be closer to the upgrade/downgrade circle size
  • Changed: Updated plant fiber clothing meshes
  • Changed: Players do not collide with backpacks any more
  • Changed: Weight of leather to 1 so that the lightest of leather items could be scrapped. Removed weights from all leather pieces and let the game auto calc how many you get based on recipe, added gated recipe for duster so it could be scrapped
  • Changed: Increased cost to craft a stone axe.
  • Changed: Removed last of the moldy molds
  • Changed: With the addition of the new skills system we’re giving the player the ability to gain skills which reduce craft timers and loot timers. Thus we remove the craft timer and loot timer menu and server options from the game
  • Changed: Most item weights to be scrapable with the new system
  • Changed: Zombie bears attack you from the normal zombie range
  • Changed: Old level up sound is now new skill gained sound
  • Changed: Dirt is a little harder to destroy
  • Changed: Reduced chance for infection and stun on normal zombies
  • Changed: Reduced chance for infection on fat zombies
  • Changed: 32 bit builds are now forced to quarter resolution textures to save memory
  • Changed: Deleted old sniper rifle parts meshes including sniperRifle_barrel_2 model
  • Changed: Updated various world textures including concrete, asphalt, floor tiles, old cabinets and more.
  • Changed: Updated exploding zombie cop effect with a completely new one.
  • Changed: Removed filling jars from toilets
  • Changed: Old beds and mattresses can no longer be picked up
  • Changed: Gunpowder recipe now takes 1 coal and 1 nitrate to make 1gp instead of 10 and 10 to make 10. This way you don’t have to wait a long time and you can clean up your inventory of small remnants.
  • Changed: Recipe of bedroll to take 10 cloth
  • Changed: Ammo wording to rounds on ammo and ammo schematics
  • Changed: All ingots have been removed instead we now have forged iron and forged steel.
  • Changed: With the addition of the new recipe based forging system we have moved some recipes to the forge like buckshot, iron bars and brick based blocks stay tuned for more.
  • Changed: Updated loading screen with the proper recipes and tips
  • Changed: Brightened held flashlight, and flashlight on 9mm pistol to match other weapons.
  • Changed: Gas cans are now in tiny units, so about 200 units is equal to one old gas can.
  • Changed: Removed all mattress half blocks from all prefabs and the game
  • Changed: Updated physics settings on flying diamond blocks to be less jerky and bouncy
  • Changed: Old sinks to metal so they harvests faster
  • Changed: metal strips are removed from the game, now tools are repaired with forged iron
  • Changed: Set multi-block on store sign prefabs
  • Changed: Removed old snow zombies
  • Changed: Zombies can now be cleared out of the wasteland and city for 24 hours in small zones.


  • Fixed: Placing Chair Rotation is Off
  • Fixed: City Hubs not randomly rolling their size
  • Fixed: When old rejoining a game you cannot track your friend
  • Fixed: Land claim does not protect the supposed area
  • Fixed: Block id 921 and 922 drop scrap metal when broken and leave girders when falling (Joel)
  • Fixed: Leveled loot not working properly on Multiplayer
  • Fixed: SpawnEntity playerid minibike does not work
  • Fixed: Typo in the sounds.xml related to hornet fly
  • Fixed: Tube drywall made of wood and now drops wood debris
  • Fixed: Some mushrooms are under rocks/invisible
  • Fixed: metal street lamp stores signposts break down into destroyed stone
  • Fixed: blocks that are supposed to slow players down like barbed wire
  • Fixed: Zombie cop loot container not big enough for all loot
  • Fixed: green metal roofs dropping wood debris
  • Fixed: Concrete trim now drops destroyed stone
  • Fixed: Dead shrub sounds like grass when hit, now it sounds like wood
  • Fixed: Torches attach to wall in a weird way
  • Fixed: Rockets exploding on water surface
  • Fixed: MaxGenerationDistance from center in RWG not working
  • Fixed: Goggles have no durability
  • Fixed: Pickaxe to do correct block damage
  • Fixed: hovering over landmine sets it off
  • Fixed: Log cabin recipe was broken
  • Fixed: Debug info carries over from sp to servers
  • Fixed: Wrench range
  • Fixed: Wrench losing durability when hitting air
  • Fixed: Creative Mode is only available in Navezgane
  • Fixed: All grass that was possibly dropping grass instead of plant fibers
  • Fixed: Spelling of caffeine in buffs
  • Fixed: Minibike moves on its own up hills
  • Fixed: Chopping down trees no longer damages player
  • Fixed: Using minibike to jump through a wall
  • Fixed: Player Kills awarded endlessly even though player killer is not involved
  • Fixed: Chat box closes when dying
  • Fixed: Zoom function stutters/snaps
  • Fixed: Recipe swapping when closing crafting and reopening
  • Fixed: Improved walk and run animation playback speeds on players so they skate less
  • Fixed: Run/walk playback speed so full speed runs are played correctly
  • Fixed: Specular on cowboy hat
  • Fixed: Some keybinds activate on releasing key
  • Fixed: Own explosions killing oneself count as kills
  • Fixed: Lighting pipe bomb doesn’t play sound
  • Fixed: Enabling voice ingame causes error when trying to talk
  • Fixed: Generic death animation
  • Fixed: Specular/Shiny animals at dusk/night/dawn
  • Fixed: Eye specularity now reflects the environment
  • Fixed: Auger Damaging Blocks Around Your Target Block
  • Fixed: Null reference when pressing escape while joining server
  • Fixed: Null reference error on new game menu
  • Fixed: Black spots and strange map tiles after reconnecting to dedicated server (Chris)
  • Fixed: Black skies on Mac/Linux
  • Fixed: Some mesh particles from digging dirt were spawning black in sunlight
  • Fixed animal harvest bug giving too much meat
  • Fixed: Dead mountain pine billboard bug
  • Fixed: Torch light so it’s on the torch instead of behind players
  • Fixed: Wrong ceiling blocks in modern cabins
  • Fixed: Random NRE on dedi
  • Fixed: Stairs in cinema are rotated wrong
  • Fixed: Wooden Bow could not be repaired
  • Fixed: scrap Iron Spike is upgraded with metal not wood
  • Changed: Crossbow now uses wood for repair
  • Fixed: Save Game gets broken after disconnect when server did not respond anymore
  • Fixed: Player data error on Dedi & MP
  • Fixed: smoothing on skullcap
  • Fixed specular on concrete textures
  • Fixed: Player names can be ceen through walls
  • Fixed: Animation for eating does not sync with item count
  • Fixed: Campfire sounds are different between game types
  • Changed: Added another stage to infection. The first version can be cured with honey or antibiotics and has no negative side effects. After 24 hours it transitions to the traditional infection, stage 1,2,3 and 4.
  • Fixed: Some icons having a white line around the corners
  • Fixed: Dropped doors fall through the world
  • Fixed: It is now possible to build a tree house
  • Fixed: Bear not affected by safe zones
  • Fixed: window03wood could be shot through
  • Fixed: Oversized lampshade in top floor of apartment building
  • Fixed: Bad block rotations in old west jail
  • Fixed: Lit pipebomb can be collected without exploding
  • Fixed: Can now shoot through frames
  • Fixed: Dedicated server checks for non-allowed characters in game name (Christian)
  • Fixed: Allowed characters for game names are now: “A” – “Z”, “a” – “z”, “0” – “9”, “.”, “-“, “_”
  • Fixed: Coffee and Chrysanthemum are now unified like other crops, they cannot be taken, but must be harvested
  • Fixed: Exception: Unrecognized stat modifier type
  • Fixed: Exploding arrow splash damage travels through blocks
  • Fixed: Water in buckets
  • Fixed: Fixed zombie stuns: bullet/explosion damage stun is not based on player stamina.
  • Fixed: Hornets and dogs turn into gore instead of a human looking carcass
  • Fixed: All hold types so items that use burlap sack for a hand item are held correctly
  • Fixed: Damage decal on some blocks going through too fast
  • Fixed: Tazas stone axe so it can harvest, and it now extends the regular stone axe so everything should be unified except for its unique attributes
  • Fixed: Lead and clay fall exploit
  • Fixed: Wood debris providing infinite resources
  • Fixed: RMB function for repair tools locks in when opening inventory/map while RMB is upgrading
  • Fixed: Duct tape cannot be scrapped
  • Fixed: Fast degradation of mp5
  • Fixed: Chainsaw harvest triggers multiple destroy events on e.g. trees
  • Fixed auger mining through two blocks
  • Fixed: Iron sights have recoil
  • Fixed: zombies cannot see through frames
  • Fixed: Candle table awarding torch when broken
  • Fixed: Azalea blocks tree seed placement
  • Fixed: Connecting to a server with Connect links
  • Fixed: Can’t join a coop game a friend is in if the host is not your friend
  • Fixed zombie crawler bite animation
  • Fixed: Null Ref – EModelZombieUMA.Update
  • Fixed: campfire giving too many stones on harvest. Now it gives half the recipe on destroy
  • Fixed: Recipe on log cabin being too cheap
  • Fixed repair on a bunch of blocks
  • Fixed: Plains Tree Blocks Wood Frame Placement
  • Fixed: State of hatches not properly saved on relogging
  • Fixed: Coffins making cloth sounds when destroyed
  • Fixed: Campfire dupe get 2 for 1
  • Fixed: Out of Memory ERR Dedicated MP
  • Fixed: Players spawn not exactly on their sleeping bag
  • Fixed: Splinting a sprained leg slowed you down
  • Fixed: Floating trees in new house backyard
  • Fixed: Falling blocks have no audio
  • Fixed: Place animation of minibike chassis was playing wrong animation
  • Fixed: Backpacks dropped by players should not support anything
  • Fixed: Updated collision on sleeping bag to prevent seeing through cave exploit
  • Fixed floating geometry on level 3 vault door
  • Fixed: Lines missing between server info in browser
  • Fixed: z fighting in afro hair
  • Fixed: Too many chunks in cache when dedicated server is empty
  • Fixed: UV error on house door LODs.
  • Fixed: Windowed mode won’t go to 1920 x 1080 without a restart
  • Fixed: Various headgears not hiding hair and enabling hair back when removed
  • Fixed: Applied splint is not modifying broken leg speed
  • Fixed: Air drop appears to levitate in place and not fall for a very long time
  • Fixed drinking fountains were incorrectly rotated in stores and the school
  • Fixed: Collapsing large gas station roof from bad stabilit


  • With the new skills system we’re giving the player the ability to gain skills which reduce craft timers and loot timers. That said we removed the craft timer and loot timer menu and server options from the game
  • Added: Console ListEntities shows item type on dropped items
  • Added: Server config value “ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols” which is a comma separated list of networking protocols not to be used. Possible values: unet, raknet, steamnetworking

Known Issues

  • Not all items and blocks have a descriptions
  • Lots of things we missed that’s why we need your help.
  • If you get an exception error when opening the character screen creating a new profile has been known to fix this issue
  • Unisex dreadlocks causes an index out of range error in the character window will be fixed in the next patch
  • Madmole is my little brother :)
TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

Did we really need a new UI? and is this new click and drag system really better than the right-click menus? Did the forge really need to get redone completely? Did they need to move the time counter to the map? Probably not, but alot of the other changes are stuff we've been waiting for.

This can be found in the progression.xml file.

Tool Smithing explanation: It looks like each level will cost 2% more than the previous. Going from level 1 to 2 will be 250 xp, from 2 to 3 would be 255 etc. Going from Great to Flawless is a bit of a grind, as is collecting resources either due to weak tools (quality/durability affecting their damage output) because of low tool smithing skill or how good you are using tools with construction skill, but thats what it takes to be master something and you feel a pretty large increase in progression in less than an hour but takes longer as you get better.

Also for those new to item quality: iron tools can be harder to find but easier to harvest, but always take longer to craft, so we are looking at about +25-40% grind time between stone and iron.

Quality ranges:
Faulty 001-099 Brown
Poor 100-199 Orange
Good 200-299 Yellow
Fine 300-399 Green
Great 400-499 Blue
Flawless 500-599 Purple

Generally speaking your gonna wanna be creating new axes/tools rather than repairing them to get the most XP, then level up your Tool Smithing skill.

For the inventory, its been confirmed that weight will not be part of the game. Which is for the best I think, inventory slots & quantity limitations for those slots already do all thats needed.

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TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

Theres an issue with jogging through deserts because of the temprature mechanic, no idea how to overcome that. As for the lack of recipes, Valmod is a way to turn the notes you find into recipes but there are changes in the works to make them less of an issue.

Loot system is a bit buggered though (and the only change besides the UI that I really feel should probably not have been messed with), even when I could loot zeds (another thing is that zeds are sometimes impossible to loot, especially if they die on spikes) I would often get nothing. Same goes for PoIs, way too many containers had zero loot, even though I had loot set to 150% to compensate for loot respawn being turned off. In its current state the RNG can make a game unplayable. Fighting cops and ferals with iron arrows and a looted hunting knife on day 21 is zero fun, especially when there are zombie dogs glitching all over (I thought I disabled them in the XML files but they still show up in hordes). These kinks in temperature/looting/glitches will eventually be resolved.

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Chezzlor - - 860 comments

This is the big update. But isn't this old news? I already start hearing some whispers for Alpha 14. Too soon though. Alpha 13 has a bunch of bugs to fix up.

Loving TFPs work!

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TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

A tad.

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taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

nice! Big *** update haha

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tymon222 - - 8 comments

Where is the download??

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