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Alpha 0.97 is released. This big update contains two new maps, new weapon and more!

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.97 is released. This big update contains two new maps, new weapon and more!

The first new map baptized: Paradise resort.

The second new map: Behdrahi Town.

The Mk17 Ghost assault rifle has been added to your arsenal, offering excellent combat capabilities to the user.

As usual other corrections have been made and feedback is always welcomed.
I leave you to discover on your own the complete changelog of this update and as usual i hope this content pleases you all.

- Add: New map - Paradise resort
- Add: New map - Behdrahi Town
- Add: New weapon - Mk17 Ghost
- Add: Ranks list UI + XP required + rewards
- Add: New soundtrack - Main menu
- Add: Size information in map menu
- Tweak: UI commander (use directly "Jump" key to execute the specific order on actor)
- Tweak: Enemies spot much more difficult if player walk in grass (particularly if player is prone/motionless/use ghille suit)
- Tweak: General AI pathfinding
- Tweak: Weapons range
- Tweak: Weapon in its holster when use Halo/Parachute
- Tweak: Weapon in its holster when use ladder
- Tweak: XP required for some weapons/items/maps
- Tweak: Weapon block detection
- Tweak: Weapons with suppressor sound attenuation
- Tweak: Night luminosity (Heaven of peace)
- Tweak: Shadows quality (Eastern village)
- Tweak: Main menu level luminosity
- Tweak: Sandbox drone options UI
- Tweak: Interaction UI
- Tweak: New soundtrack played if game mode is Apocalypse
- Tweak: Country town design
- Tweak: Light rendering (Conira Castle)
- Tweak: Foliage (Conira Castle)
- Tweak: AI flee
- Tweak: AI reinforcements spawn
- Tweak: Unarmed enemies flee behavior
- Tweak: Soldiers spawn near tasks (commander/hostage/VIP...)
- Tweak: Inventory UI - Attachments selected visibilty
- Fix: AI detection in night (Redwood forest/Old Ruins)
- Fix: AI soldiers could be walk underwater
- Fix: AI teammates might attack player
- Fix: AI detection player underwater
- Fix: AI camera security noise maker
- Fix: AI soldiers spawn in underwater
- Fix: AI helicopters could be detect player underwater
- Fix: AI commander patrol
- Fix: Grenade frag doesn't win XP correctly
- Fix: Grenade spot doesn't work correctly
- Fix: Mines trigger error
- Fix: Some wounded errors
- Fix: Crouch/Prone collisions
- Fix: Chief's cap material error
- Fix: Landscape (Old ruins)
- Fix: Rocks location (Old ruins)
- Fix: Clutters locations (Old ruins)
- Fix: Change "Noise" to "Noise reduction" in Tooltip weapon
- Fix: Some errors scripts
- Remove: Physical doors (Mountain town)

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