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Alpha 0.96 is released. This update contains some improvements and hotfixes.

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.96 is released. This update contains some improvements and hotfixes.

Screenshot by MuDDy_BLooDy

- Add: New AI order - Hide body
- Add: New AI order - Steal suitcase
- Tweak: Separate whistle to action (whistle use its own key: K)
- Tweak: AI search radius
- Tweak: AI teammates speed execute orders
- Tweak: AI detection distances in terms of gear/position
- Tweak: AI teammate execute order pathfinding
- Tweak: Command menu - Order require a specific actor have different UI color
- Tweak: Reduce enemy distance to detect teammates
- Tweak: AI vehicles (land, air) can't detect player if lying down or cover and motionless
- Tweak: Reduce noise maker MP6SD with suppressor
- Tweak: Increase noise maker SKS with suppressor
- Tweak: L96A1 settings
- Tweak: G17 magazine capacity (17)
- Tweak: TT33 magazine capacity (8)
- Tweak: P351 magazine capacity (17)
- Tweak: M9A1 magazine capacity (15)
- Tweak: Switch teammate order doesn't work if cover enable
- Fix: AI flee triggered alert alone
- Fix: AI can shoot last one even dead
- Fix: AI teammate refuse an order after a precious order
- Fix: C4 doesn't work correctly
- Fix: Undesirable cull objects (Lost Island)
- Fix: Rocks collision (Old ruins)
- Fix: Wood rubbles collision (Old ruins)
- Fix: Ruins collision (Old ruins)

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