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Alpha 0.2.8 Change Log: updated animals water troughs and added missions

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Alpha 0.2.8 Change Log:

  • Slightly improved readability of market booths
  • Water troughs now require water to fill them.
    • Updated water trough and hitbox to be bigger
  • Woolies and Cows now require water troughs to generate their resources.
    • After some time they become thirsty and require water to drink.
    • If they drink water their resources refill.
  • Rancher Robots now refill water troughs if there is water available.
  • A new tutorial mission added about animals and them needing water.
    • It has you create a woolie BEFORE you have to build beds.
    • I did this because it made sense to have a cloth income before you build a bed.
    • If you already passed the build bed missions you won't get this one. (see 'solution' below)
  • Added a 'menu'
    • One button starts the game the other one deletes mission data.
    • The delete data allows you to replay the missions without losing base progress.
    • It was a hidden menu I used for testing. I exposed it so you can 'replay' the missions for bug testing.
  • Re-enabled Llama breeding.

NEXT UPDATE: I will work on a bull for both the cows so they can breed. This will allow a source of leather.

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