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Change Log for 0.2.7: Gates, mission, switches, performance.

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Change Log for 0.2.7:

  • Improved performance of traders. In base shouldn't lag as much now.
    • My toddler erased a portion of the trader code so I had to rebuild from scratch. You can thank them for that :)
  • Fixed other objects sometimes not interacting when next to fences or walls. Should be fixed. Might not be?
  • You can now hear people at night! Conversation text is readable at night and no longer hidden by the dark.

  • Added new mission "The Playground" started at Ellie's Orphanage.
  • Added hidden skeletons and hidden triggers.
  • Added gates.
    • Gates are only operable by switches, photocells, and voltmeters.
    • Found in the automation section.

  • Fixed switches, meters, and photocells to work and attach things better.
  • When placing objects you can now press the 'R' key to flip them. Yea for left facing chairs and beds!
    • Not all objects will flip when built.
    • If you think something should flip and it doesn't let me know.

  • Side doors are more noticeable.
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