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This is a doozy. Short version: I needed to overhaul the loading system to get the dynamic loading screen I had my heart set on, and it pretty much borked the entire game. It's doing better now but it's going to, probably, be glitchier than last version. On the plus side, Maud is nearing first-pass completion and seems to be entirely functional.

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Hope everyone had some great chuckles over the really intensely holiday packed portion of the year. Technically it's not over but I may not talk to you until after the first. So. Here's hoping 2019 is better!

We're on version 0.2.1 now.

It's a mess.

I needed to overhaul the loading system and it was an ordeal. This is one thing I very much dislike about UE4, and I hope they fix it in a future version. Right now I'm stuck with 4.19.2, which has been giving me so many bugs lately it's tempted me with desk-flipping.

There's a full list of changes below, which... Sigh. So much of what I have done over the last week has been fixing the messes that the unreal engine has shoved in my face. I feel like I slid back quite a ways, which isn't helped by the fact that I clearly have not met my cutoff date. I could be completely done with Maud by now if I hadn't had these errors. Extremely frustrating.


Next version should have, hopefully, significantly more progress. 2019 is the year. I'm certain. Bear with me. My current target is to have the game at least in beta by my birthday. After the holidays I'm going to start spending entire days on Cogs again with zero distractions.

AS ALWAYS, this version has SPOILERS. Don't read it if you don't want them. I'll update this list too if I end up doing more fixes before I ship it out.



  • Okay. This started off as a small update and grew to be essentially a system overhaul for the loading. Didn’t need to be, but UE4 feels this is the only way this should be done outside of C++. In the end it was a huge ordeal. Still cleaning up.
  • I’m going to be testing every bot to make sure they’re approximately where they were before this update - but I’ll need your help finding it.
  • NOTE: The “Main Menu” button on the pause menu no longer works. You’ll need to close out -> reopen every time you want to test it. I’m sorry about that, it’s just a huge undertaking I don’t have the headspace for right now.
  • Bad Joke has had two glitches fixed that presented as the same glitches I had fixed previously. Should no longer stall in front or not play anims in back.
  • Bad Joke, I hope, should no longer get stuck on other bots once in a blue moon. Should work with the other bots, too.
  • Ashes should no longer have debilitating scale issues
  • Code screen has had a slight touch up
  • No longer need to click inside box to activate
  • Can commit text by pressing the enter key
  • Camera strobe system has been updated for consistency
  • Loading screen is further tweaked - most AI processes now don’t start until you’re actually in control. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS REGARDLESS OF WHEN YOU LOAD IN.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Loading screen may take a while. It needs to rebuild navigation every time or the bots can’t move. Blame Epic Games. If the bot’s a-jigglin, the games a-wigglin. Working. It’s working.
  • The speed of Maud’s valve buildup is now adjusted by difficulty, as is the amount you can rotate while she is inspecting you.
  • Maud has MOST of her animations. Remaining: Climb Up/Down, Climb Left/Right, Inspect, Finish Breakout, Polish on Mainfa Attack. Plus idles, when the time comes. They are mostly applied.
  • Maud’s eye is now properly set in her skull and can be changed at runtime.
  • Maud’s walking speed is increased.
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