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Welcome all Space Adventurers! More Information on Alpha 0.1!

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Hello Space Adveturers!

Hello all newcomers to Space Adventure, a game created by Andrew Smith, known as Drew! This game is just a preview of the coming games to the table and is the first of a few games. This game is a simple game created on Flash that you will LOVE! This is a very SHORT game for people to play but you will want to play it multiple times to have maximum fun!
Space Adventure is about an alien named B.O.B. (nice name, right? Haha!) and this alien has crash-landed on a planet named Eya. B.O.B. must find out how to get out of Eya before his homeplanet blows to pieces!
That is the main background story of the game and even though it is really basic, it is a good background story for the game. That is what I think at least. Anyways, Alpha 0.1 has begun testing and is now in the process of development. I will keep you updated on more of the updates coming out soon to you guys! If you guys would like to join the free Alpha, please contact me. You can find my contact email address below. Anyways, the main point of the game is to get around all of the obstacles and have FUN doing it! Anyways, it is a basic scroller but I turn that around and definitely make it a fun gaming experience for all ages!
Remember: Alpha and Beta WILL BE free! Right now, the game is in Alpha and is free for anyone whom contacts me within the month!

Contact Address: a2bradjan@gmail.com

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