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The game is almost done, and may be out sooner then you had thought!

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So as you can see, i am going to finish and release this game no matter what anyone says, and besides, if i did not plan on releasing it, i would not have added it to Mod db. So by adding it to this site, i wasn't saying it may be released. I was saying it will be released, and i hope people get excited about that fact. So here it is. Freedom, it just needs a few more goals, maybe a few more songs, a few more people in some of the city's and towns, and more weapons and more ammo, and a place to level you up fast. Then it will be ready for you to play! After months and months of waiting, it is just about here! The single most anticipated Matthew Corp game, ever made! Freedom. Where you can be who you want, do what you want, and kill whoever, and whatever you want! Listen to what you want! Drive what you want! Go where you want! Its your virtual life! And its almost here!

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