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In this image you can see all 6 types of weapons that will be encountered throughout the game. :)

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 3All "Minimized" weapon!

Plasma Pistol - the first and most simple weapon. It has average rate and low power. This gun useful to you throughout the game. It holds a 99 rounds.
Nano Rifle - quite powerful, but has a small rate of fire. It has high accuracy and accommodates 40 rounds.
Plasma Gun - rapid-firing plasma gun. Very fast, but it does not much damage. Well suited for the destruction of large groups of weak enemies. It holds a 80 rounds.
Rail Gun - a very powerful weapon that has a fairly high rate. It shoots plasma clots that kill almost instantly. This weapon is good against a large Number of strong opponents and bosses. Holds 20 rounds.
Grenade Launcher - the most powerful weapon which you will meet. Fires rocket-propelled grenades that deal very high damage. In addition, it has a good rate of fire weapons. It holds a 10 missiles.
Power Glove - melee weapon. We give the player at the start as well as a plasma pistol. Inflict very little damage and only a short distance. To strike it takes time to charge.

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