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The atmosphere of a Diablo game is slowly becoming more apparent in this Full Conversion. Heavy Diablo 1 influences are included.

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Even without any monsters yet, the story is feeling very Diablo-esque. I have imported music from the dungeons and messed around with it so it doesn't annoy the player by looping. Atmosphere is absolutely pertinent to this mod being successful, so I am amping up the darkness and solitary confinement (while conveying demons' presence, of course!)

On the technical side, I am learning a lot from this mod. I will be tackling animation so I can have an NPC give a quest (https://soundcloud.com/streetboat/standards-of-hell-quest), and of course, various monsters will be needing it. I have noticed in many custom stories featuring custom monsters that said monsters are animated poorly and stiffly; now, I know I can't expect to leap into this and be better than other mod makers on the scene, but I have a standard of quality from my own work that I refuse to lower. If the animations from Frictional Studios are so fluid, then why should mine be any less so?

Another thing to consider is that I am introducing a new mechanic and a modified one. New: scrolls of identify! Pick up a scroll, combine it with an unidentified item in your inventory, and the item will be identified and the bonus will be applied to your character! Modified mechanic: story tomes! They will be replacing diaries from the original Amnesia.

That is all for now! Keep it tight, folks.


I am so looking forward to this owo

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