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It’s Christmas time! And this is how our engine programmer Bernie spends these peaceful days.

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Posted in Engine Programming | Dec 11, 2013 | by Bernhard Klemenjak

More memory! Even more memory! And still more! That could be the thoughts of a “memory leak”. Every (not 100% perfect) programmer certainly knows this. You write a program and everything is fine and runs great. But after some time, the program, or even the whole system becomes slower and slower. Maybe it even crashes. Hooray! A memory leak!

Memory Leak

It is annoying; you find the mistake. Maybe you’ll even find it funny after it is fixed, depending on how stupid you feel about it. It’s worse though if it’s only discovered by a user. How could you know, that anyone would play the game for 20 hours straight or does 100 level changes with now reason? Because if for example, by a small error, 50 megabyte are stuck in memory after each level change, this will surely lead to a problem.
And therefore there’s nothing better for us to do this Christmas time than to optimize and stuff holes!

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