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In Alien Wars you can now pick up bombs and blow up enemies. BOOM! The pause UI has now been added - you can now pause the game and navigate between arenas with ease. Camera animations have been added to give you a closer view of the action.

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Who doesn't like blowing things up?! Now in Alien Wars bombs will spawn around the arena randomly. They have a blue glow so that they are easy to spot. Pick these up, you can hold 5 at a time. Be fast - they disappear quickly!


Once you've picked up a bomb you can drop it - try to drop it into the path of the enemies, or drop it and push it in the direction you want to roll it.


When an enemy collides with a bomb it will explode and kill them - BOOM!



The pause UI has been added. Now you can pause the game by pressing "Esc" or "P" on the keyboard, or for mobile you can press the blue pause button on the top right corner. From the pause menu you can resume the game or quit back to the main menu where you can select other arenas to play in.


Camera Animations

The far end of the arena seemed quite far away from the camera, and on mobile this made everything look tiny! Now the camera is animated to move forward when you hit the centre of the arena, and it'll move back when you start walking back. This makes everything look much clearer.

Original Camera Position

Camera Animation Far

Close Up Camera Position

Camera Animation Close

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